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The Juniors at Mortonhall

Juniors at Alien Rock

2013 Junior Runs & Races
Contact – Mary Lye

Junior runs will take place fortnightly on a Saturday afternoon at 1pm. We will circulate details in advance.

They are an introduction to running in the hills and are more about fun than athleticism. All ages are welcome, so if you want to tire your kids out then bring them along.

Junior runners will need to bring sensible clothes /shoes/adult, plus plenty of energy.

See you soon!

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2 September 2013
Carnethy Junior Run
The latest installment of the Junior run was a three-family affair with the Lye/Jones, Burnett and Lynch families, and events began with a tussock tag doubler (being careful not to land on the dead pigeon!), followed by the legendary hand-holding-stretching-relay game, short hill relays, a long handicap run and a final burst of tussock action. Then back to the car park for jam doughnuts. Awesome. Thanks to Mary and Matthew for organising. A lovely afternoon in lovely weather.
Album here.

Mike Lynch
10th August 2013
Junior Run Fun
It looked like it might be a Jones exclusive again for the Carnethy Juniors today, but during our extensive warm-up and and stretching routine (which some might interpret as procrastination), we were joined by Gordon, Lila, Lorna and, our most junior of juniors, Oscar.
The usual activities were supplemented by a mini handicap race around Hunter's Bog, which resulted in some unexpectedly squelchy trotting. Smaller runners were particularly brave in battling though the giant reeds and wet, insecty foliage.
We finished off with a role-reversal tussock tig, where Gordon and Matthew tried to get to the safety of "home" without being caught by the fierce juniors. They succeeded for several minutes, until the cunning Carnethy kids hid in the long grass for a dastardly ambush.

Then we ate doughnuts.


29th July 2013
Junior Fruity Frolic at Craigie Farm

Despite the allure of fruit, Saturday's junior run had a rather low attendance with just us Joneses and Michael Wilkinson. Happily this meant we had a one to one child:adult ratio, so armed with our punnets we headed off for a slightly longer than usual mystery tour around the hill. Like the pied piper, Michael led us through the woods to the giant toadstools, then on up to the top for a fruity feast, and back down to the quarry for a spot of parkour. We scrambled up the steep slope out of the quarry, at times fearing for our lives, or at least our teeth. There was quite a bit more upping and downing and disorientating looping around the hill. As we passed the summit for the third or fourth time, Ronnie observed despondently that we were "never going to get out of here". Fear not child. You have the navigational expertise of Wilkinson and Lye at hand. And sure enough we made it safely back to Craigie's cafe for tea, coffee and milkshakes. Thanks again to Michael for the tour!
Mary Lye
4th May 2013
Saturday Junior Run
junior run
A smaller elite crew of Junior Carnethies hit the hills today from a slightly different venue (St Margaret's Loch) partly for a change of scenery and partly in search of fewer stinging nettles.  The hardcore were Ellie, Fiona, Johnny, Katy, Rosie, Ronnie & Solly. 
In addition to the usual games a couple of new ones were trialled.  One, dubiously named "Ring Worms" seemed to work pretty well for the winning team who greatly enjoyed it.  Not so for the losers who were puzzled by the complexities of breaking and rejoining hands and at times having to run backwards.  One member of the disgruntled team (Bertie the dog) found the game hilarious!
The final game, an unnamed variation of tussock tig, involved the elite Juniors Carnethies running after sweetie laden adults whilst avoiding being tigged. 
Comments and suggestions encouraged from all (eg location, games, sweeties, terrain, use of water, age groups, times, etc).

Matt Jones
Arthur's Seat 6th April

After the previous generation of juniors grew up and left home, Carnethy members have been busy creating a new set.
With the encouragement of Mary and Matthew Jones, and the leadership of Willie, around 20 new juniors came out to run and play on Dunsappie Hill on a glorious Saturday afternoon. With relay races and tussock tig juniors and adults had a great time with smiles on everybody's faces. A supply of jelly babies fixed any bumped knees.
Full size photos here.
I'm not sure if it was the fantastic weather or the promise of jelly babies that created such a good turn out for our inaugural junior run. A higgle (collective noun for a group of hardy young runners) of about twenty with ages from two to teens gathered at Dunsapie Loch and was led over the hill and far away by Mr Motivator (Willie Gibson). We relayed and tussock tigged our way around the slopes. There was some falling over, a little bit of blood and lots of bravery. Thank you to the adult helpers (especially those who didn't have small people to tire out!) for making the first session so much fun. Can't promise the same weather for next time (Saturday 20th), but can promise more jelly babies. Hope to see you again!

Junior Races
(see SHR calendar for a list of junior races)

  • 11th November 2013
    Tinto Tiptoe
    Name Time Club Age
    Christopher Barrett 8.35 - 9
    Lauren O’Neill 8.44 Shettleston 11
    Andrew Barrett 9.13 - 11
    Emma O’Neill 9.16 Shettleston 8
    Archie Lynch 10.01 Carnethy 8
    James Burnet 10.40 Carnethy 8
    Johnny Dunn 11.55 Carnethy 6
    Freya Falkner 11.57 - 6
    Ronnie Jones 13.30 Carnethy 7
    Rosie Jones 14.00 Carnethy 8
    Clara McCallum 15.08 - ?
    Sally Jones (aka Solly) 22.04 Carnethy 4

    All those who ran last year improved their times. First back Christopher Barrett improved by 33 seconds, Ronnie Jones by a massive 198 seconds! Keep this up and you’ll win the Tinto Hill Race one day! Many thanks to Valerie for organising most things and Mark and Malcolm for marshalling. Also to Rachel the International Smile and Muddy Patch Judge.
    Martin Hyman

    Sadly I was unable to witness the high drama of the Tinto Tiptoe unfold, as I was puffing my way up the whole hill. The Joneses were accompanied by their enthusiastic, yet slightly perplexed grandparents. I'm not sure we converted them to the joys of hill racing.
    Anyway, some words from the runners:
    Rosie: I slipped over and bumped my knee, but was like, "Who cares!?". I loved the race ever so much. Ronnie and I stood with the Smile Inspector smiling our heads off.
    Ronnie: I had a pretty good start, but then I got slower. I beat Rosie at the end. The foot conditions were muddy.
    Solomon: I didn't fall over. I beat the grown ups. Then I got my sweeties.
    Fifty percent of the field were Carnethies: a great turn-out! Everyone who ran last year had improved on their times, and Archie Lynch was first Carnethy home. Well done!
    A drawing of the race by Solomon:

  • 8th July 2013
    Turnhouse Tumble Junior Race - Wed 3rd July
    The race was good fun! I enjoyed running the race! There was some really fun down hill bits and some challenging Bits as well! It was hard to run up hill and easy to run down hill!
    By Ellie (age 8) and Jonny (age 6)

    Turnhouse Junior Race start Turnhouse Junior Race - Jonny Turnhouse Junior Race - Jonny Turnhouse Junior Race  - Solomon
    Seven juniors braved the 1.6 kilometer course at sunny Turnhouse last night. With five Carnethies, I thought we might have the team prize in the bag, but a couple of bigger, speedier racers from Lothian Athletics powered up and down the hill taking first and second place. Jonny had a fantastic run and came in third, and Ellie was fourth. The Joneses brought up the rear with mixed levels of enthusiasm, and Solomon returned with some interesting stones, and a coating of cow poo.
    Mary Lye

  • 29th April 2013
    Lomonds Junior Hill Race
    I ran the Lomonds Junior Hill Race in Fife, East Lomond. The race was tough, at one point I was on my hands and knees climbing on an almost vertical slope. On the way down I lost one place but at the end in the last 10m I sprinted like mad and I stole the place back. At the end everyone got a bar of chocolate and a box juice. It was a lot of fun.
    Andrew Nash age 9
    I ran the Lomonds Junior Hill Race 2013. It was up East Lomond Hill. There were about 20 children at the start. The man said ready steady Go and all the children raced off. We had to jump over a ditch. Then it very hard because we went through heather. It was very windy when we got to the top and I held daddy very tight. I ran down the hill my fastest but the wind was blowing us even faster. I said to my daddy that it was too fast. I sprinted down to the finish and at the end of the race I got a chocolate bar.
    Rachael Nash age 7
  • 30th March 2013
    Emily Hill junior race
    emily hill junior race       

    I ran the Emily Hill Race. It was 1 mile and 200 feet of up. It was in the village of Luthrie, Fife. There was a lot of Fife runners.  There was hardly any mud because it was cold. There was two Carnethy runners for the kids, me and Rachael. When the marshal said GO we ran past two markers then I was out of breath. I started walking up the hill until I saw the top. I sprinted round it, then I was away. I grabbed three places on the way down.
    Andrew, age 9
    I ran the Emily Hill Race on 30 March. It was my first hill race. The hill was very very steep and I got out of breath. I went to the very top of Emily Hill and then it was down hill and I ran very fast to the finish line. At the end I got a box of chocolates. It was fun but cold.
    Rachael, age 7
  • 18th March 2013
    Chapelgill Congrie Conga junior fun run






    Rosie Jones



    Half Conga


    Ronnie Jones



    Half Conga


    Abi Arbuckle



    Full Conga


    Solly Jones



    Half Conga


    Congratulations to the brave young folk who had a go. The organiser arrived after a very difficult drive before the snow plough had cleared the road into Glenholm.  Then he was unable to find the steep grassy path up Congrie Hill because it was covered in deep show.  And the poor old man was unable to stand on the steep slippery slope.  He would have sat down and cried if Edel and Val had not come to look after him and encourage him.  So many thanks to Edel and Val and to Stuart, who marshalled at the turn and collected course markings.
    Because of the problems we decided on a shorter course on the lower slopes. This could be repeated for the full Conga.   Anyone who got round did brilliantly. We would love to see you at our next two Hill Fun Runs.  Both are on beautiful woodland courses and we are asking the sun to shine on us.

More events
An outing to Alien Rock climbing wall

This picture was drawn by Rachel Paul
(aged 9).

On the Junior run round Corstorphine Hill we came upon a fire on the hillside.  Hilary was sent off to report it.  The poem Opposite was written to commemorate the event.

Hack and Hill from the running club
ran down the hill from the fiery stub
Met a lady who phoned the brigade
In hope that the gorse would be saved
But when the men got there the fire was gone!
The firemen were worried, their job wasn't done
And Hack and Hill were all puffed out and tired
All that run for a vanishing fire!  by Julia Rampen

Junior/Senior relay, Jan 2003
Thirteen runners, including a dog, ran the relay on a beautiful snow covered course at Flotterstone. The results are here.
Ailish and Gwen Kirsty and Ronnie prizes for all!
More recent relays to be found on the reports page!
Some history...
Caerketton junior race 2002
Caerketton Start

Martha Aitken at the Devil's Beeftub 2003


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