7pm Aberlady Bay Car ParkAberlady Bay Ladies' Run 9pm Aberlady Bay Car Park

Voila, a picture story of a typical Carnethy Ladies' Run. Carnethy can boast some of the best female hill runners in Scotland (and the World) but some have a healthy disregard for competition. On these runs we just enjoy running off-road in various locations round Edinburgh.

Single file over the bridge

Regroup -chat - catch breath - decide where to go
bla bla - rhubarb - bla bla - Tatras - bla bla.

We run out onto the beach

Chariots of Fire!

The 'Rocky Step'

Running is good for the legs!

Stop for reflection

Mixed running - grass - sand - rocks...

....but mostly sand!

Entrance to 'Prickly Passage'


Greek statues?

...or posers?
The ladies runs are every 2nd Monday throughout the year. As you can see they are not always on the hills but neither are they always 2 hours long! Check our 'ladies runs' page to see when and where our next few runs are taking place or, better still, come along to try one. Get in touch with Kate Friend for more information.




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