Russell Stout's Marathon des Sables 2002

Waiting for kit-check.
Left to right: Elie, Russ and Nick
Avoiding the dust on rest day.
The Bivouac.
Head bedouin.
Mmmm, dehyde...
Left to right: Richard and Russ.
The long day.
On the piste...
Medium-sized dunes on long day.
Around 50km into long day.
(Lead runner of chasing start can
be seen in distance.)
The finish.
Left to right: Richard, Nick and Russ.
Tent 57.
Left to right: Richard Wallace,
Adam Glass, Sean McCartney,
Innes MacDonald, Nick Mayers,
Russell Stout, Frank Russell,
Eleanor Mayne.
Sweeper camels.
Trying to keep the sand out.
Leaving the oasis village of Mhamid.
Left to right: Nick and Russ.
Lull in the Sandstom on rest day.
Left to right: Richard and Russ.

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