Midnight Madness 23 June 2001

After what I thought was a fairly mad idea on wednesday night I sent out an Email suggesting the Penland Skyline at night on saturday morning (nearest weekend to the longest day). I had a huge response, all saying "Great Idea, pity I cant make it".
The Only person to say "Great Idea, I will have to re-arrange everything but I will be there" was Alan Hogg. I had given Moira Stewart a call during the day on friday but she was too busy. But it was on. I told Alan I would call him in the evening.
When I got home and saw the weather forcast I got excited about the idea. It was perfect. I phoned Moira again to try to convince her and before I could say anything she said "I will be there, Life is too short".

Moira Stewart and Alan Hogg at the start at midnight (131207 bytes)

Moira nd Alan on Caerketton (86496 bytes)

Coffee on Carnethy(112062 bytes)

moira on blackhill (40757 bytes)

So Moira came to My House and we met Alan at the Steading at midnight. Cali Ingham had given me a bottle of champagne for my birthday so after the climb I stashed the bottle in the cairn on Caerketton (Cali unfortunately had pulled a muscle so had a good excuse for missing the event). We headed on round the route had coffee on Carnethy, Moira ran up Scald Law we all missed out South Black Hill and we headed for Hare Hill with about an hour to go before sunrise (4:27 am according to The Royal Observatory web site). As we headed off Bells Hill the mist filled the ground between us and the Forth and Arthurs Seat could be seen sticking out of a cotton wool sea.

Moira and Alan on Harbour Hill just before sunrise(53889 bytes)

sunrise at 4:27 precisely (42314 bytes)

Alan and Moira at Sunrise (43312 bytes)

Willie and Moira framing the sunrise  (62854 bytes)

I looked at my watch it was 4:27, I looked at the horizon, the sun was appearing. It was breathtaking. We took a few photos and we ran as hard as we could to the top of Capelaw. The colours were tremendous. Although the mist hung over Edinburgh, the Forth was clear and the sun reflected in the sea.
Allermuir had to be climbed as quickly as possible.
It was worth it. The view brought tears to my eyes. We were tranfixed until suddenly we remembered the champagne. Caerketton, by the time we got there was in full daylight and the sun warmed us as we blew the cork and scoffed the bottle. Then it was back home for bacon rolls and bed.

The Best sunrise ever from Allermuir (50434 bytes)

Enjoying Champagne on Caerketton in the morning sun 5am(225731 bytes)

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