Carnethy in the Tatras, 2004

Popradske Pleso, 1494m
(our first stop)

A runnable section of path!

The summit ridge of Koprovsky Stit, 2367m

Nick and Kate scrambled over to a top along the ridge

Brochen spectre on the summit of Koprovsky Stit

View from Rysy

Rysy cairn

Paul looks into Poland from the top of Rysy, 2499m

Chains on the way down Rysy

Cairn crazy

Stowaways on the col going to Sliezsky Dom

We stopped to look at Gerlachovsky Stit - it looked steep!

Sliezsky Dom, our 2nd mountain hotel

Afternoon joggers soak up the sun

All paths seem to have chains!

First signs of snow on Vychodna Vysoka, 2428

Moira and Paul return to the col

Nick reaches the sedlo (pass) over to the other valley

More chains and snow

The troll wouldn't let them over the bridge

We hired guides to take us up Gerlachovsky Stit - the highest peak in Slovakia

2 holidays in one! Running and climbing
group approaching summit, middle picture
We climbed over the ridge, down the other side, along and up!

There wasn't much room on the top for a group photo

The summit cross

Anne didn't have the nerve to stand...

...the wind was kinda strong (viz. rope!)

We descended the other side (middle right)

The guides all seemed to be called Oleg

It felt more dangerous when we unroped at the bottom!

Zamkovsky chata, our 3rd mountain lodge

Looking down to Poprad from the path to Lomnicky Stit

Group photo before taking the cable car to the summit of Lomnicky Stit, 2633m

The summit was freezing!

Soup back at Zamkovsky chata

Here the geraniums were still flowering.

Our private penthouse suite - a floor with 12 mattresses

Group (minus Gordon and Paul!) + Richard (Strathclyde student)

River elf in Lord of the Rings country

The mountain huts were supplied by human mules

I hope they were paid well!

The snow made the scenery even more spectacular

Gordon thought we were going on a beach holiday

Others thought we could do some skiing to make it 3 holidays in one.

Did the red flag at the bottom mean 'this is the way'?

No, it meant 'don't attempt this route'!

Too late, Nick's already disappeared over the top.

Kate at the col

Where's the path? The yellow markers were often covered in snow!

Winter walking par excellence

We came over that ridge.

The view from Teryho chata (mountain hut)

Lord of the Rings country - without the Orcs


The path to Zamkovsky chata

Last day - climb Slavkovsky Stit, 2452m

Nick poses near the top

Kate descending the ridge

Mountain scenery

Last view of the Tatras

Gordon and the Troll

Stary Smokovec station

The 'flight' bus to Kosice.

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