Angus Munro
14th July 2007
24km, 1680m
British and SHR Championship Race

Glen Clova is the gateway to a vast area of wilderness and mountains, with Glenshee to the west and Lochnagar and Mount Keen to the north. The race covers rough terrain with few or no mountain paths, rough heather moorland plateau and peat hagg with two large climbs to sap your energy. It is not for the faint-hearted and a real challenge in the mist. This year the weather conditions were good although the cloud came down temporarily when the runners reached the plateau. We hope these photos give a flavour of the race and the scenery. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to photograph the amazing amount of wildlife - the fast-moving hares, herds of deer, nesting plovers and frogs. Thanks to Alan Young for the photos on Driesh.
IAN and AN

The start of the climb into Corrie of Farchal, looking towards Glendoll Forest.
(Friday 13th - putting checkpoints out.)

Cairn Inks, the last checkpoint, looking over to Loch Brandy and Green Hill (the first checkpoint)

Colin Donnelly leading Ray Ward (HBT) and Kenny Richmond (Bellahouston) up to Green Hill

Eventual winner, Tom Owens (Mercia) climbs above Glen Clova (Background)

Stewart Whitlie (Carnethy) above Loch Brandy

Shettleston's Dave Cummins and Rob Jebb (Bingley) with Loch Brandy below

James McQueen, head down, and Steve Bell (Dark Peak)

Adrian smiles for the camera on the first climb, but looked pretty tired at the end!

It would be worth sticking close to Adrian Davis if the visibility deteriorated (he set the course)

David Ward (Borrowdale) and Bill Fairmaner (Cheshire).

Bruce Smith (Carnethy). The last checkpoint is on the left of ridge in the background.

A queue forms at Green Hill - the first checkpoint

Noel Craine (Eryri) and Neil Arnott (Lochaber)

Ray Ward (HBT) and Matt Bell (Edinburgh AC) above the cliffs round Loch Brandy

Mark Johnston (Carnethy) and Jason Williamson (Cosmics) approach the summit of Green Hill

Manny Gorman (Westies) following Steve Storey (Dark Peak)

Jill Mykura started off slowly. She knew what was ahead!

The cloud started to come down as Gareth Bryan-Jones got to the top of Green Hill

Sally Ward (Dark Peak), and Dave Mitchell (Dundee HH). She knew what was ahead having put some checkpoints out the day before.

Jim Davies in front of Tom Owens for the time being!

The cloud starts to come down as the second half of the field approach the summit of Green Hill

Richard Horsfield (Dark Peak) with Glen Clova stretching into the distance

Three head off onto the 'Lost World' plateau

The cloud was right down over the summits by the time the last runners reached checkpoint 1

These three didn't chose the best line through the haggs!

Race winner Tom Owens punches at Lair of Aldararie (3rd control) in second place

The obvious summit of Lair of Aldararie (!) with Lochnagar in background.

Mountain rescue stay high. There's no mobile phone recepetion in the bottom of the glens

The first to the top of Driesh - Tom Owens (Mercia) glances over to Lochnagar

Rob Jebb was not far behind

Adrian at the trig on Driesh

Richard Roberts was one of a large group that came from Wales

Bruce Smith heads a group up to the checkpoint on Driesh

Jocelyn Scott (Fife) - happy that's the end of the climbing

Rob Hope (Pudsy & Bramley) was 3rd

Jill Mykura on Driesh

Colin Donnelly (Lochaber) just has a little bit of road ahead

He races back to the finish so he can run back up to tick off some Marilyns

Only 9 seconds will separate Tom and Rob

Bill Fairmaner (Cheshire) - the climb up to Driesh on the left

Colin Fray (Cheshire) looks as though he was one of the many to have a close encounter with the terrain

David Riach (Westies) and the puddle

Ian Davidson (Girvan) completed half the race on half a shoe

Cornelia Bufe and Jenny Williamson - awful descents for sore knees!

Down to the serious business of rehydrating



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