Photo Report of Carnethy in Auvergne, 2005
(Running 150 miles in one week)

The train to Clermont Ferrand was delayed

The journey of 120 miles begins

Will we climb that today?

Puy de Dome from one of the volcano craters

Lunch stop where the troglodytes lived

It’s a tough life at the summit

At the top of Puy de Dome

At the end of the day

Puy de Dome from the other side

In the Chaine des Puys

Someone doesn't approve of runners

The heat was unbearable

Coming down into Orcival

Lunch at the Lac de Servieres

A mid-afternoon break

Ready to start from Mont-Dore

A dramatic early start

At the Puy Redon

Time to adjust the exposure

Mind your head!

The descent to Super-Besse

Time for another swim

Oh! My feet are sore

A water stop at Compains village


Waiting for the second taxi

In the Monts du Cezallier

Communal lunch at St Saturnin

Is this where we turn off?

Wild horses wouldn't drag me further

On the Puy de Niermont

Dinner at le Claux

My feet feel much better now

Our one and only rain shower

Into the Monts du Cantal

Cafe lunch beckons at le Falgoux

This is more like the hills of home

Climbing the Roche Taillade

On the Puy Chavaroche

Willie is climbing well

The gite at Col de Legal

Our rest day

We had company on the run

At St Cirgues de Jordanne

The elephant house

Time for another swim

Time to go back for dinner

This is a long rest day!

The Auberge at last

This is where we got lost

Back on the Puy Chavaroche

Looks like some road running ahead

It's a hard climb to Puy Mary

Which way next?

The return to civilisation

Time to see the sights of Paris

That was a hard week!
Summary of climbs
28th Aug (Les Fontetes - Laschamps) 1330m ascent 1210m descent
29th Aug (Laschamps -Mont Dore) 1390m ascent 1125m descent
30th Aug (Mont Dore - Godivelle) 1245m ascent 1285m descent
31st Aug (Condat - Lavialle) 1280m ascent 855m descent
1st Sept (Lavialle - Col de Legal) 1820m ascent 1710m descent
2nd Sept (Col de Legal) 900m ascent 900m descent
3rd Sept (Col de Legal - Le Lioran) 1175m ascent 1220m descent

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