Photo Report
Pentland Skyline, 2006

A photographic record of how the race progressed (photos from G. Cameron, I and A Nimmo, K Burns and C Ramsay)


Runners gather at the ski slope 5 minutes before the start

Alasdair Anthony leads a group up Caerketton

Single file on the way up Caerketton

Olly Stephenson with Arthur's Seat and Edinburgh in the background

Shane Bouchier of Carnethy

Allermuir ascent

John Kay of Fife

Willie Gibson (+mobile camera unit) is no. 1!

Elaine Stewart (Cosmics) and Peter Jagan (Bingley)

Bob Hughes (Ochils)

Are you following us?

The skyline stretches away in the distance

Scottish internationalist, Joe Symonds (Dundee HH) took an early lead

Jim Davies (Borrowdale) kept Joe in sight on the way up Turnhouse...

...with teammate, Andrew Scholfield, not far behind

Simon Peachey (Carnethy) was in touch with the leaders

Colin Donnelly was the only other person to follow Joe's route through the long grass

Phil Mestechy and Will Manners (Strathearn H) ran together - the whole way

Steve Fallon was 2nd Carnethy

Andy Kitchin and James Britton

Dan Gay (HBT), Alasdair Anthony (Ochils) and Nigel Scott (Westies) sticking together

Chris Upson (Westies)

Jill Mykura (Carnethy) leading Bruce Smith (Standard Life) winner of this year's Caerketton Downhill

If they had eyes in the back of their heads they'd see all the way to North Berwick

Scottish Internationalist, Claire Gordon (HBT) was leading the ladies race. Dave Spedding (Keswick) behind will finish 1st M60 and 12th overall

Jim Norwood (Corstorphine) and John Kay (Fife)

William Whitington and Martin Hulme (Corstorphine)

Sandy Bennet (Carnegie) and Damien Theaker (Helensburgh)

A trio containing Nat Taylor (9)

Willie Mykura (Carnethy) settles into the middle of a line climbing Turnhouse

Colin Valentine (Keswick)

Will Hynd of Moorfoots with Bell's Hill and Harbour Hill in the background (still to come!)

Alan Hogg (Carnethy) being tailed by Chris Downie (Lothian & Borders Police)

Ken Daniels and Nicola May of Carnegie
West Kip and the Drove Road - halfway

It was evident - all the way from South Black Hill - that Joe Symonds was being caught by Jim Davies

Andrew Schofield was close behind Joe and Jim

Simon in 4th place on West Kip

David Spedding and Will Hynd

Chris Upson - the new editor of the SHR calendar

Olly Stephenson looks to be going well here but will retire before the end

Kenny Richmond of Bellahouston RR reaching the top of West Kip

Des Crowe saw the camera and quickly donned shades!

Nigel Scott

Claire Gordon had a commanding lead in the ladies race by the time she got here

Jacqui Higgingbottom and Joan Wilson helped make up a Carnethy ladies team. Fabienne Thompson running with them

Henry Bailey (4 PARA) and Marcel Van Oijen leave West Kip behind and head for the return over the northern tops

Colin Eades (Lothian)

Jill strides out at the bottom of West Kip but claims she's been eating too many pies!

The drizzle starts

Colin Wilson crossing the bridge on the Drove Road

William Whitington and Tosh Brannan run on from the halfway checkpoint

A brief sunny spell. Allermuir (in the distance) some way off still...

The loneliness of the long-distance runner
Harbour Hill

Mark was wondering how Jacqui was doing

Will Hynd of Moorfoots. Glencorse Reservoir in the background

Tosh Brannan takes a drink on the run

Andy Kitchin set the current Skyline record 12 years ago

John Blair-Fish chasing Gillian Godfree chasing Jill Mykura. Gillian will pass Jill as soon as the next hill starts. John never quite catches the girls.
The finish

Jim Davies - winning

Andrew Schofield finishing 2nd.

Alasdair Anthony finished 4th just seconds behind Joe Symonds.

The winning HBT team
From a runner's perspective
Willie Gibson

Climbing Caerketton

It had been a hard night on Saturday. Race preparation had consisted of a large Thai meal with copious beer, wine and a rather large amount of Lagavulin to cap it all off.
The morning was not as hazy as my head as I drove into the car park and set up registration. All too soon 11am had arrived and we were off. It was, as ever, a hard climb up Caerketton with lots of shouts at those who chose the illegal fence crossing as opposed to the stile, But I was thankful for the opportunity to wait my turn to cross.
The single file of the first climb soon spread out as we gained the ridge.


Willie Mykura catching me as we neared the Kips
It was a clear day and I was feeling better than I had last year. I didn't have the usual Manor Water race in my legs (Manor is next Saturday this year). My memories of being 6th from last at Castlelaw were put behind me as I passed Roger Kemp and was informed I was 89th.
The water in Flotterstone Glen was welcome and as I climbed Turnhouse I had my first Mars bar. The Kips were looking distant as I oscillated with Charlie Love and Willie Mykura on climbs and descents. My knackered knees slowing me down on the descents whereas my 'Dolomited' legs were powering me uphill.

Charlie climbing Black Hill

Willie Mykura running off Black Hill
As I passed Hare Hill Charlie disappeared into the East, I could still just see him on the way up Black Hill as I caught up on Willie Mykura again. We two Willies headed down Black Hill together and as I climbed Bell's Hill I was pulling away. It is a bit of a slog up to Nick's (the marshal's) Hill but at least I could see the hills of home before me from the summit.
I somehow managed to run most of the hills on the way back, and made up a few more places but never managed to catch Charlie. Maybe next year, after all he has at least 15 more years of hill runing experience then me!
Thanks to all the marshals for their support and/or cuddles on the way round.

Nick at Home on Bell's Hill

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