Scottish Islands Peaks Race
May 2005

Maggie Creber (from Pegasus ) on Jura

Mull: Friday - Saturday

Friday: The first boat (Playing FT$E) comes in at 3.30pm.

The weather was windy and wet

Tobermory School clamber ashore from Scrabble

The marshals' campsite

Nick MacDonald - Chief Marshal

Time to put up the spare sail!

Kate Jenkins and Dave Rodgers

Es Tresidder and Adrian Davis were 2nd fastest on Mull

The Adams leg-it back to Salen along the road...

....and the weather improved as the evening wore on. (Last runner was back from the hill at 01.15 on Saturday morning.)
Jura: 21.00 Saturday - Sunday

Es Tresidder and Adrian Davis of Carnethy were 2nd fastest on Mull and Jura

Tobermory school kit check

Adams Ward and Anderson in buoyant mood

Carnethy Allrounders get their kit checked

Maggie Creber and Moira Stewart (Carnethy Hill Sailing Club) on the Paps of Jura

Moira Stewart jumped over an adder

Everyone survived

Arran: Saturday - Monday

Saturday afternoon and the Arran marshals set up the check-in

...from where they watch the boats arrive

Checking a boat in

Holy Isle from the Lamlash-Brodick track

Runners returning from Goatfell

That's the last hill!

Kate Jenkins and Dave Rodgers at the stile,

jog over the hill..

... back to Lamlash

Tobermory School return to Scrabble in a flat calm

Gordon Pryde and Laurie Anderson needn't hurry

...'cos their boat crew are fast asleep

If you row yourself across there are no holdups (Howard Chambers and Tony Shankey)

Youth team return,

spread out

and exhausted.

Teams walk/jog

to Brodick

looking happy

and full of energy, but..

...return looking tired

The calm before the storm? - Boats on the horizon

Suddenly there are lots of runners coming ashore

Malcolm Patterson and Des Crowe come ashore

Too much weight at the front!

The Carnethy Hill Sailing Club pose on Lamlash beach
Carnethy Allrounders climb Goatfell
- climb the rocks near the top

and into the summit cloud

Willie Gibson leads the way back

to Pegasus and the final leg to Troon

What a fantastic day!

The ferry returns to Ardrossan

'Till next year

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