Slag Heap Challenge
27th April 2005

'Forget all that namby-pamby stuff about running over green grassy hills and breathing in the cool clear mountain air. Here's a run over real-life terrain for the hard men and women. The run crosses slag heaps and passes a car scrap yard, a landfill rubbish dump and a sewage works. Unfortunately it also passes a castle, a duckpond, a ford and an ancient waterway but we'll hurry past these things as quickly as we can. The run is 7 miles and takes about one and a half hours. Contrary to what Gordon may say, sandals are not the ideal footwear for this trip as there is some interesting scree running on the way back.'

Seventeen people took up the challenge on what turned out to be a beautiful evening in some pongy, some pretty and some surreal landscape. Here's a picture story of the run. We rounded up the evening in the Cramond Brig. A great run. Thanks Nigel!

Winchburgh Golf Club car park, 6.30pm

Regroup at the canal

Canal run

Cool and sunny

After the sewage works the landfill was quite pleasant

Then came the pond complete with nesting swans

Kate found a seat!

While Jill found the captain's log!

We all found our own way up

The view opened up

You could see the Bridges

There's quite a bit of vegetation on some of the bings

Dr Who-landscape

Fancy finding a blue lagoon up here!

The landscape was really quite surreal

It felt like we had climbed up to the plateau in The Lost World

The car dump - Willie in his element

Escaping back to the canal

That was an interesting run

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