Two Breweries Hill Race (18miles, 4900 feet)
Photo Report

1. Traquair. Photographs at the start of the climb up to Orchard Rig

The first hurdle is on the track after the farm

Hilary and Karen ran for Carnethy

Further on...I opened the 2nd obstacle

Innerleithen in the background

Just 17 miles and 4800 feet to go...

So far,so good!

Colin Hutt

Olly quickly latches onto female company

Moray Mates

2. Manor Water. One and three quarter hours later. Half Way!

Andy Kitchin


James Britton

David Scott of Ochils

Steve Fallon - still smiling

Stewart heads towards the deep, dark forest...

Billy Minto

Alastair Hubbard

Colin Donnelly heads for Dead Wife's Grave

3. Trahenna. The sting in the tail

It's a steep descent

..but the end is in sight

Olly still has the energy to wave

The views were fantastic. (But I'm glad I wasn't running!)

A much-needed drink

Hilary Holding

Graham Kelly

Carnegie's Sandy Bennet

Elke Schmidt of Bellahouston RR was first lady

Hilary seemed to have enjoyed the race

Trahenna behind

Colin Donnelly chasing hard but Stewart is well clear

The final bit of road gave some welcome shade

Race Quotes: (from Westerlands and SHR websites)
"easily the most scenic race I''ve ever done"
"recollections of helplessness and utter despondency ... shuffling up the path from Stobo and over to Trahenna"
"a cracking race"
"I was carrying two full-sized Mars Bars, a Twix , 3 pork pies and half a bag of jelly babies, and over the next few miles I scoffed the lot"
"what a fantastic race the 2 Breweries is"
"The descent from Whitelaw past Dead Wife's Grave was brutal"
"long tussocky descent into Glen Sax..... took probably about ten minutes, but in these ten minutes I went from feeling sprightly and optimistic to knackered and resigned to a depressing plod over more hills than I cared to think about to the finish."

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