"if you ask 10 people what all should be included you'll get 15 opinions" (Murdo)
Jon Ascroft's Paddy Buckley Round 3-4 Sept 2014
Mark Hartree's Ramsay Round 14-15 June 2014
Murdo Lucy Colquhoun Willie Ramsay round

Ultra is anything over marathon length, that's 26 and a bit miles or 42 km, though some shorter upland runs make the ultra grade.

Races and Challenges Mike O'Connors Ultralist Carnethy Reports
All of a sudden I was enveloped in yellow flashing LEDs - these turned out to be a patch of buttercups. (Olly Stephenson on the WHW)
I've done about eighty miles and now I'm feeling it. My head is swimming and the pain in my knee has returned with a vengeance. I begin to hallucinate. (David Waterman)
I've seen Boeing 747s pull up beside me, and green lizards on the road that don't exist, a gal clad in a bikini rollerblading in front of me that didn't exist (Andy Bowers, on the 135-Mile Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley, USA)

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