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Handicap Series 2004
  Previous Years' Results
There is one Handicap race every month from April to September.  Points are awarded to the first 35 finishers starting with 35 for the first, 34 for the second down to 1 for the 35th. 5 points are also awarded to every finisher to go towards the tally for the club championship. Willie Mykura has a very good formula for working out handicaps which takes into account recent form. As well as a good race, there is the social conviviality of a shared meal afterwards.
Date Time Venue Start Results Afterwards Organiser
21st April 2004 7:00pm Carnethy
21st Anniversary


Results The Steading Nick and Willie G
26th May 2004 7.00pm Romanno Bridge


Results The Romanno Inn Willie M
16th June 2004 7.00pm Ravensheugh
67/627809 Results Barbecue Keith Burns
14th July 2004 7.00pm Lammermuir  67/542643 Results Goblin Ha' Keith Burns
18th August 2004 7.00pm Tinto Route
 72/964374 Results Symington Jill Tait
15th September 2004 6.30pm

Arthur's Seat

start times
Results Sheep’s Heid Nick MacDonald


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