Phil Young's Pentland A to B
A nondescript track on the minor road between Dolphinton and Newbigging leads you straight into the empty quarter of the southern Pentlands.  Apart from the first 2.5 miles of track and a 200m stretch of track near Darlees Rig it's all pathless compass bearing or fence following stuff.  After Wolf Craigs a path of sorts appears on the way to to West Cairn, but it's still boggy (even after 2 weeks of very dry weather) until Red Gate on the Drove Road at 15.7 miles.  From here on it's a 7.5 home-run along the familiar second half of the Skyline, with paths, people and sun (at least yesterday).  A total of 23.3 miles in total in 6.5 hours, finishing with a final descent down Hillend to the Steading and a beer.
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