Lomonds of Fife 2003

The view to West Lomond from East Lomond

Don Naylor on way down from East Lomond

Ronnie Gallagher leads Alistair Anthony up East Lomond

..and down again!

Adam sporting a cool hat

Graeme Bartlett was third to the top of East Lomond

Can you recognise Gary MacInnes?

It was a perfect day for the views

Ian Jackson ran after his handicap win last Wednesday

We almost ran out of water at the top of East Lomond

Luckily some came with their own tap!

I followed the back markers on their return to West Lomond

Nimmo on the flat run between the Lomonds

Through the bloomin' heather...

View on way up West Lomond

This way!
Thanks to all the marshalls and organiser

The final ascent up West Lomond

The final descent was like a black run

Jane Robertson shows the fastest way to descend

...but some try to stay on their feet

Karen Meikle takes it carefully

The front runners smoothed the way for the rest!

Kate Friend coming down West Lomond

Jane Robertson

There was a good turnout from Carnethy

Colin Pritchard - hats were the order of the day

Carnethy colours were well displayed

Margaret Forrest finishing well

Tom Robertson, the man who first dreamt up the race.

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