Devil's Burdens Relay

The Devil's Burdens Relay has the biggest field of any hill race in Scotland - this year's event had 111 teams of 6 finishing. The sun shone for the start of the race but the temperature remained below 0 centigrade in the shade. Bishop Hill and West Lomond were shrouded in fog during legs 2 and 3.
Carnethy produced 7 teams - two ladies, a mixed team, o40, o50 and two Open teams.
At the end of leg 1 the teams were bunched with Carnegie just in front of Carnethy and Ochils. Oleg Chepelin moved Shettleston up from 5th to 2nd with a fast leg 2, leaving Carnegie still in front and Carnethy 3rd. The 3rd leg was the decider when Jethro Lennox and Tom Owens overtook Carnegie duo Andy Symonds and Andrew Wright . Carnethy 'A' (or 'B' team on the entry sheet!) had a battle with Bellahouston RR for the 3rd place. They had a 2 second lead at the start of leg 4 but Bellahouston's Colin McGill passed Lars Ottemoler who held on to 4th place. The Carnethy ladies 'A' team were 4th.

Photos thanks to Alan Young, Willie Gibson and Ian Nimmo

Gregor Heron and Bruce Milne on leg 3

Stewart Whitlie and Simon Peachey

Olly Stephenson and Tim Darlow ran together on leg 1!

Jacqui Higgingbottom and Joanne Anderson - Ladies 'A' team

Lorna Ascroft and Lucy Hailey leave Scotlandwell below

Adrian Davis and Steven Fallon

The Carnethy Teams

Team 53 - Senior A (4th):
Adam Ward, Angela Mudge / Sam Hesling / Simon Peachey, Stewart Whitlie /Lars Ottermoller
Team 55 - Over 40s (7th - 1st Over 40s):
Andy Spenceley, Bruce Smith / Olly Stevenson / Adrian Davis, Steven Fallon / Paul Ritchie
Team 54 - Senior B (25th):
Jon Ascroft, Cameron Burt / Tim Darlow / Derek Paton, Richard Bush / Shane Bouchier
Team 56 - Over 50s (40th - 3rd Over 50):
Brian Howie, Cameron Scott / Bob Johnson / John Blair-Fish, Keith Burns / Gordon Cameron
Team 57 - Female A (68th - 4th F):
Kate Friend, Angela Gardner / Joan Wilson / Joanne Anderson, Jacqui Higginbottom / Hilary Spenceley
Team 59 - Mixed (75th):
Fiona Lowrie, Ian King / Margaret Forrest / Gregor Heron, Bruce Milne / Jon Ascroft
Team 58 - Female B (92nd):
Karen Meikle, Steph Gilmore / Anne Nimmo / Lorna Ascroft, Lucy Hailey / Debbie Monteith

Coming off East Lomond on leg 1

Kate Friend (blue hat) coming off East Lomond on leg 1. Angela Gardner is hidden!

Adam and Angela on leg 1
Angela Mudge and Adam Ward were the first pairing for the 'A' team
Bruce and Andy on leg 1 for the o40 team
Bruce Smith and Andy Spenceley got the o40s off to a great start
Angela is still faster than most men
Angela Mudge is in a different league to most of us

Report from KB on his leg3 run for the o50 team:

Bloody hell! I was selected - - . I was to accompany JBF on the Devil’s third leg. Would my own rehabilitated titanium-reinforced leg deliver the goods? The occasion merited special attention. I turned out in my new Saffron Yellow Innov 330 Mudclaws and not-quite-matching new Carnethy vest. “How do I look?” – I asked Barbel as I left the house. “It’s better I don’t tell you.” - she said, deflating my Bradbury-esque Cream Sponge Para-Litefoot Shoe fantasy.
John was in juggernaut mode as we began the hard-frozen ascent of Bishop Hill. I struggled to hang in. We had invaluable piloting assistance from Gordon Pryde who new a sneaky flanking line to the summit that spreads out the gradient very well. He also knew a clever dog-leg route through tussock and peat hags down to the bealach. It was easier to hang on to John on the descent. Our trusty pilot Gordon P had disappeared into the distance by the time we started the next climb.
Struggling up through the Devil’s eponymous turdy landscape to West Lomond we entered a wintry world of shimmering rimy grass fronds and swirling mist. John pulled ahead again and I struggled. At the summit I was about 15 metres down on him and we regrouped to pick a careful line down the steep north west flank to the gully checkpoint. Two patches of windpacked snowdrift gave us some dodgy but exciting glissading before we hit the gully. On the steep descent my new studs were justifying the last minute purchase the day before (but the saffron yellow uppers were no longer dazzling). Leaving the gully checkpoint to start the long descending traverse to the wood we were impishly pleased to see Davy Duncan and others back-tracking to collect the gully checkpoint they had overshot.
The run to the wood went well, although our descent lines were threatening to separate us by more than was wise, both wondering why the other was picking the poorer line. Through the wood we strode out in a feeble attempt to sprint for the finish, grateful for Nick and Willie’s warning of water-ice on the track ahead. Gordon C was ready and eager to pick up as we hit the changeover after 80 minutes of total entertainment.

A great run in a fabulous frozen winter landscape.
Keith Burns in his saffron yellow mudclaws

Angela Mudge and Adam Ward run well as a pair


Cameron Burt and Jon Ascroft ran leg 1 for the 'B' (or was it 'A'?) team

Elke Schmidt of Bellahouston Ladies on leg 2

Bellahouston on leg 2

Oleg Chepelin (Shettleston) ran the fastest leg 2

Bob Johnson (Carnethy o50s) on top of the World

Carnethy leg 3

Carnegie's Andy Symonds and Andrew Wright will be caught and passed by Shettleston

Ochils duo climb above Scotlandwell

Mark Johnston and Matt Williamson (Bellahouston) will finish leg 3 just two seconds behind Carnethy

Carnegie duo climb up from the Scotlandwell changeover

Jethro Lennox and Tom Owens set off after the Carnegie boys on leg 3

Gordon Pryde (Lomonds) should know his way about here!

Freezing and foggy

Adrian Davis leaves the summit of West Lomond

Derek Paton and Richard Bush finish leg 3

Lars Ottemoller being stalked by Bellahouston's Colin McGill

Paul Ritchie on leg 4 for the 040s team


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