British/FRA Relay Champs 2009

Carnethy had 3 teams down for the weekend at the western Lake District for this year's FRA relays.
An Open team (or Captains' Select Team as both club captains, Steph and Jon, ran in this ! ) a V40 and a V50

The club tent was a bright focal point in the grey weather
Our leg 1 runners : Steph, Simon and Bob
Bob in the start line
The start
The start
The start with our Open and V40 runners
The start
Bob finishing leg 1
At end of leg 1, Bob handing over to Willie and Keith
Steph finishing leg1
Simon handing over to Paul and Mark
Steven and Bruce having disappeared into the mist and succesfully returned on leg 3 for V40 team
Anxiously waiting for the 'dream pair' of Gordon and Bob to finish leg 3
Change over from leg 3 to leg 4 for v50s
The prize winning Over 50 dream pairing of Bob Johnson and new club president Gordon Cameron (showing he can lead from the front !)
Adam sprints into the finish on the last leg for the V40 team
...the reason Adam was sprinting into the finish is now obvious !
Helen had a great run for the open team, despite the mist, and sprinted hard into the finish
Helen looking happy after her hard run
John storms out the mist into the finish field like an exocet missile


Click on the green names and their stories will pop up below Leg 1 Time Leg 2 Time Leg 3 Time Leg 4 Time Overall Time Position

Carnethy V40

Simon Moss 1:13:48 Paul Ritchie/
Mark James


Bruce Smith
Steven Fallon

1:20:33 Adam Ward 47:23 4:36:14 47
Carnethy Open Steph Moss 1:11:44 Tim Darlow/
Matt Davis
1:21:12 Jon Ascroft
Andy Fallas
1:16:17 Helen Bonsor 1:03:48 4:53:01 72

Carnethy V50

Bob Waterhouse 57:05 Willie Gibson/
Keith Burns
1:31:16 Gordon Cameron /
Bob Johnson
1:35:42 John Blair-Fish 1:09:44 5:13:47 93

A glorious, autumn Saturday - blue sky warm and autumn colours - saw one car load reccing the course (a very useful idea as a misty mizzly Sunday saw us all using the info gleaned by the recciers), while others when for a run over the hills from Braithwaite where we were camping. Then followed a night at the pub before the big day. In the race, the teams all started steadily and picked up throughout the race and there was some quite exciting racing between the Carnethy teams as on most changeovers there was only minutes between all 3 teams and often just a few seconds, with each team taking it's turn as the Canrethy premier team ! In the end the only Carnethy prize winners were Gordon Cameron and Bob Johnson who were fastest V50s on the navigation leg (run in thick mist), with the Mens 40 team being the first home for the club in around 40 place out of the 160 teams entered. At least all the teams got round the courses with no mishaps, unlike the leading 3 clubs that all were disqualified for missing the first control on leg 4, leaving Borrowdale who thought they had finished 4th to be promoted to winners! The colourful club tent was a useful focal point and shelter from the mist and drizzle of race day and stood out in the muddy event field. All in all a great weekend and once again the FRA Relays were a brilliant event - the only disappointment was the lack of Carnethy Ladies - somewhat unusually we couldn't get a ladies team out as we do most years.

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