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Jon Ascroft reports - 1st A class - team - John Ascroft and Steven Fallon

After dire weather forecasts, LAMM controller Andy Spencely managed to ensure that the event was blessed with fantastic running conditions: cool air, a mostly pleasant breeze, plenty of sunshine, and a brief dusting of fresh snow on the tops. Kintail proved a great venue with varied ground, big climbs, rough scrambles, dramatic views and a sense of isolation. The overnight campsite was perfect - dry flat ground, no midges - and the great friendly atmosphere that mountain marathons generate.

A record 500+ teams took part this year, including plenty of Carnethies: Mick James (3rd in the Score - a new class for the LAMM), Sam Hesling (A class), Joan Wilson & Joanne Anderson (B, 3rd Female team), Andy Fallas (C Class), Fiona Lowrie and Liz Brookes (D Class, 2nd Female team), Steph Moss + new hubby (D Class); no doubt others were out there somewhere too.

Steven Fallon and I both managed to stay out of hospital this time, and had fantastic runs both days in the A Class. Saturday went smoothly enough, with our route choices appearing to pay off, but it wasn't until after we'd finished that we learnt were in the lead. With only a 4 minute gap on the next team, we felt under pressure overnight. On the Sunday we flogged ourselves from the start, anxious to get further ahead and out of sight. We briefly saw the next team on the skyline about half an hour, but were alone for the rest of the day. Anglea's route planning seemed a bit cruel as we slogged up a 2000ft climb onto Beinn Fhada, but the subsequent views and dramatic terrain running westwards made it all worthwhile. It was only once we were down to the final track that the pressure really eased as we trotted the last couple of miles to the finish.

Big thanks to all the LAMM organisers & helpers, and particularly Andy & Hillary Spencely and Angela Mudge for the time and effort they put into this great event.

Sam Hesling Reports - 17th A Class - team - Sam Hesling and Falk Schlaghecke

I was grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat and beaming with pride.

" Those are my friends Jon and Steve - Jon is the captain of the Carnethy team in Edinburgh and Steve has done all the Munro's 13 times, at the rate they are going they are going to win!"

Falk and I had been running just behind another A team when Jon and Steve went steaming past. When we caught the team in front one of them asked "Did you see those guys in white and green go past?"

The next view we got of the dream team tested my eyesight to it's limits - they were literally miles ahead and hundreds of meters above us ascending the hill to the next control. I kept my fingers crossed for them the rest of day 1 but it really wasn't necessary...

Another sun soaked and awesome LAMM (luckily midge free) passed with memories of Munro's and airy scrambles. Day 2 of the A was the best MM route I've ever run including a awesome slog up Ben Attow and a scramble on the ridge to the north west. I was ascending one of the exposed sections when the guy in front of me said to his mate "my legs are starting to give out" I was watching a pair of spasming calves two feet from my eyes which luckily launched him upward and on to flatter ground and not both of us into the abyss.

A million thanks to Andy and Angela for the excellent course, event and the controlling and see everyone else next year for more of the same. The only downside to the weekend came when Andy and Jethro won Elite and won an all expenses trip to the BAMM in August which leaves us NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER of retaining our title. Never mind...

Joanne Anderson Reports - 3rd Females B Class - Team - Joanne Anderson and Joan Wilson

This year's LAMM was to be Kintail and a number of Carnethies (along with an enthusiastic group from Leeds) spent a comfortable night at Mick James Bothy across from the Cluanie Inn the night before. The Saturday morning saw a light dusting of snow on the high tops - quite a contrast from Slioch the weekend before.
This was my first attempt at the LAMM and Joan's fourth or fifth. Not sure why I have never completed this event before since it was a great weekend on the hills - whether you are first, last or somewhere in the middle.
Day 1 of the B Class saw us start not far from the Cluanie Inn. The route taking us up over the ridge on A'Chralaig, down into Glen Affric, a few more ups and downs, some steeper than others, towards Carnach which was to be the mid-way camp. Thanks to Joan keeping a more detailed eye on the map than me, we took the controllers' route choice all the way to mid-camp - excluding the top of A'Chralaig....and likely due to my enthusiasm to keep climbing. Mid-camp was a welcome sight and a very sociable get together, catching up on the news of who was leading what class. A slight breeze and chill in the air kept the midges away. The Piper woke everyone at 5am of Day 2 with bright blue sky. The elite runners were off at 6am and after not too much faffing we left just a wee bit later. Day 2 started us off on a nice track and the checks initially tooks us further North, although no munro options on the second day. Again, Joan's sharp eye on the map helped us on our way back to Morvich and the event centre - dibbing at the checks along the way.
Great runs by lots of Carnethy people - Jon Ascroft, Steven Fallon, Mick James, Fiona Lourie, Sam Hesling, and Joan Wilson. Lots of good support from those involved in the event.


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