Junior Senior Relay 2009

Jacobs Crackers

Jacob Wilkinson 21:37 21:37 short
Trevor Wilkinson 31:30 31:04 med
Bill Gauld 30:38
Paul Ritchie 31:50 32:12 long
Gordon Cameron 32:33

There was a cold icy wind on the hill as I walked back to the car park from marking the short course. I was wondering if it would put off anybody. As I got to the car park I could see Gordon, Scott and Kirsty were already there and that also meant Bill Gauld would have arrived, soon all the other usual juniors had arrived ie three Wilkinson boys and Jonathan and Alice Hogg . Michael Wilkinson brought his sons pal Youchi, Olly brought along his son Jack and Cali, Bob, Paul and Keith made up the adult contingent.

Sad Losers

Alice Hogg 20:54 20:54 short
Yuchi 32:50 32:53 med
Michael Wilkinson 32:56
Olly Stephenson 32:00 32:00 long

The were only 2 young Juniors (Jacob and Jack), although Alice and Kirsty were happy to do you short course so that gave us four teams. After a lot of fiddling about we ended up with a mixture of couples and singles doing each leg.
The teams all headed off up the hill. Each team has to stay together till the point that each leg leaves the main track, this allows the lighter kids to be carried up the hill.
Alice Hogg was first back in 20:54 with Jacob soon after in 21:37, Youngster Bill Gauld (75) was first medium runner home in 30:38 with Trevor Wilkinson chasing in 31:30 (a good team effort)


Turnhouse Terrors

Kirsty Cameron 25:57 25:57 short
Owen Wilkinson 34:44 34:44 med
Cali Ingham 34:45
Keith Burns 39:50 39:50 long
Alan Hogg 39:50

Paul Ritchie was first long leg home (well he does have the longest legs) in 31:50 with Olly Stephenson just behind in 32:00.

Once all the time averaging and adding up it was a close run thing between the top teams. Under a minute between them.

Thanks to Bill Fowler and Daughter and Antoin and Daughter for assisting on the hill. A big thanks to Bob Waterhouse for buying the prizes.

Willie Gibson

JJB Sports

Jack Stephenson 29:05 29:05 short
Jonathan Hogg 29:05
Scott Cameron 35:30 35:30 med
Bob Waterhouse 37:55 37:55 long


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