26th September 2010
Two Breweries Hill Race - Saturday 25th September

Whether you are a hill runner, a sniffer of fine ales (or in Carnethy most likely both), the Two Breweries is a race that by the very name invokes excitement. The event itself is a 19 mile traverse over the finest of Border hills from Traquair House back to Broughton Brewery, accumulating 5000 feet of ascent during the journey.
It is an event of four parts, where the initial climbing over Birkscairn and Huddleshope eventually give way to more easier terrain through Stobo, that is until the final climb up Trahenna! This is a short but brutal climb at the 16 mile mark which probably makes you dig deeper into inner strengths more than any other hill race in Scotland. Stewart, Andy, Adrian, Matt, Gregor and Jaqui are up there at the top of the results sheet for Carnethy.
Good to see Colin and Joan finally tick off their last Scottish AL, also good run from Harry in his first Two Breweries. Brian had a good run in his first outing as a V60. Joanne and I suffered from temporal displacement syndrome after Glenrath, however like good clubmates we ran together to get back into the race, then she dropped me like a wet duffle coat at Trahenna to come in 9 minutes quicker, that was a fantastic run and it's a pity she didn't make the her sub 4 hour target.
Cameron Burt had the decency to stay with his companion throughout the race, even if it meant his recorded time was less than he's capable of, and he didn't laugh too loud as I fell over a fence while talking to him!
Another great day out in the hills in the company of friends, both in the event and support on the hill.

Cameron Scott

Results here, where we can see 4 Carnethy runners in the first 11.

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