19th December 2010
The ESKapade 2010

After spending the night waking and looking out of the window to see if it was snowing, I was rather relieved when I left Roslin at 7:10 and headed for Carlops in a very slight sleet. I was glad to see Paul and the minibus waiting but where were the rest of the troops?
After a couple of minutes the cars started appearing and after the odd phone call all expected people were in the bus and heading for Penicuik. Joel, Harry and Rod were picked up enroute to Musselburgh and a 8:30 precisely we were at the start and met up with the rest of the troops and with the snow gently falling and a slight tail wind we were off!
The new snow covered the the icy track well allowing a steady pace into Dalkeith Estate and after a snowball fight with a few triathletes we met up with Digby.

He was a little concerned that he was about to run further that he had ever done before but he was sporting a large smile.
Willie leading the troupe Jungle Golf course
Leaving Dalkeith Country park, Willie in the lead Into the jungle by Melville nurseries. Through the golf course at Melville Mains
snow shower & sun folly
The snow starts again as we head down to the Lasswade road.
With the mobile ringing constantly with messages from expected runners dropping out and others joining in we were soon through Lasswade
and enjoying hot juice at Polton.
Roslin glen
We met Win, Mike and Jamie in Roslin Glen and after thinking we had lost 5 at the Gunpowder Mill we were soon on the Railway run and got to The Royal Hotel in Penicuik at 1:20.
Meeting Cali, Bob, Moi and Joanne we all scoffed our Bacon Rolls with lashings of hot tea and coffee.
Penicuik estate
Roslin glen Some impressive icicles in the tunnel at Auchendinny Penicuik estate
Losing 5 and gaining 4 we headed on through Penicuik Estate in to the snowy wilds.  
Cali leaving penicuik Estate The Sun Goes Down
farmland pillar Auchencorth
The views were stunning if the pace was a bit trudgy, and the weary legs took us over the snow covered wastes to a Beautiful Amazon dean and on to a warm welcome in The Allan Ramsay.
Digging out Willie's car wee tree
The end is in sight Digging out Willie's car Merry Christmas!

What a spectacular day with a great group of happy people.
As for the bad weather, it was WONDERFUL!

The Whole Way Team : Willie Gibson, Nick Macdonald, Jasmin Paris, Gregor Heron, John Littlewood, James Hardie, Jane Jackson, Rod Dalitz, Paul Ritchie, Matt Davis, Jason Hubert, Gio Macdonald, Joel Sylvester, Brian Waldie and almost all Digby Maass.
To Penicuik only : Ben Bate and Harry Gilmore
Roslin to Penicuik : Jamie Taylor, Mike Browne and Win Rampen
Penicuik to Carlops : Bob Waterhouse, Cali Ingham, Moira Stewart and Joanne Thin
Photos Digby & Cali
Willie Gibson




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