On the way the Pentlands from Roslin Curling Pond

Junior Senior Relay - 3rd January 2010

The snow was deep in Roslin as I looked out at 8:30 am. I wondered if anyone would manage out from Edinburgh to the Relays. One thing was sure, I didn'd have enough time to dig out my car and get there in time.
I stowed the prizes, juice etc in my ruc-sac and put on my running gear and headed off through the fields.The views over the Pentlands wer stunning as was the snow on the fields between Glencorse and Bush. The running was tiring though, my normal 30 minutes to Flotty took 55. I was however interupted by Cali phoning to say she had just woken up and wouldn't make the run, and Keith Burns waiting at Flotterstone wondering where I was.

On the way the fields between Glencorse and Bush

At the Start

I was worried about a possible lack of Juniors, the Junior runs have lost lots of Juniors to adulthood, I had no idea how many would turn up, butI had no need to worry, Olly Stephenson had brought a carful and with a full family Wilkinson, 3 Camerons and a mini Coyle, there were more than enough for a Grand Day Out.

Having run the snowy Pentlands many times over the last weeks I realised that straying from the paths led to swimming through snowdifts so I decided to keep the routes this year to the paths.

They're off

There are 3 legs and the rules are that all of your team stays together till the turn round points.

The short leg this year was up to the trees (touch a tree), then runback down.

The remains of the team carry on to the Col where the second runner runs back.

The third runner then carries on to the summit and runs back.

The three runners times are combined to get a total time.

The only other rule is that reasonable cheating will be rewarded.

The only obvious cheating this year was Scott Cameron's snow surf board, although the time he made up descending he lost by enjoying it too much and going too far, having to climb back up to path,

The first hill

The teams were sorted out quickly (as ever), the slowest junior with the fastest others, but it is always rather random. Soon we were off to the start.

The pre run preparation left lots of bags of clothes gloves etc at the start, with the winter sun warming our backs and the snow freezing our feet they were off!

The snow kept the group fairly together till the first gate and then we could see a couple of teams pulling ahead (one of them Cody Aided).

Good grouping
A small figure in blue could be seen descending fast, as the others started appearing above the tree line. It was difficult to see how the others were doing as Jacob Wilkinson appeared over the hillock. The two pals Jack and Peter sauntered over the hillock some time later having forgotten that they were racing.

Lauren's Lurchers

Lauren Stephenson 17:49 short
Trevor Wilkinson 32:59 med
Gordon Cameron 36:15 long

Lauren leads the return

A happy chapess

Scott hauls his board uphill

The long routers on the ridge

The surfer

Ski Team

Jacob Wilkinson 21:48 short
Scott Cameron 35:35 med
Keith Burns 38:50 long

Coylie beats Gordon


Trevor worries about Michael

Owen And Olly run in together


White Devils

Peter Fawthrop 26:24 short
Owen Wilkinson 37:50 med
Olly Stephenson 37:50 long

Keith in pursuit of the wife

Keith wins

Sam is toastie

Nigel runs in

The last climb


Sam Coyle +
Kirsty Cameron
33:25 short
Moira Stewart 33:25 med
John Coyle 36:10 long

Moira on the medium leg caught up on Sam and Kirsty and carried Sam to the finish on her shoulders,

John and Gordon had their usual tussle but this time Coylie won out. Olly caught up on team mate Owen and the two of them ran in together. Keith Burns was not far behind and chasing hard to beat his wife (Barbel) who wasn't even racing.

Nigel was the last long leg runner to finish and Michael (still carrying an injury) hobbled in a bit later.

Trevor runs back to accompany Michael

Michael hobble home

White Wanderers

Jack Stephenson 26:24 short
Michael Wilkinson 46:00 med
Nigel Fawthrop 43:10 long

Nigel tows the teams back to the car
The weather made for a memorable day, thanks to all who turned up in the interesting conditions.
Willie Gibson


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