10 Under the Ben - 21st May 2011 - A wet and windy Nevis Range

I was in support monkey role this weekend at 10 Under the Ben, a mountain bike race around Leanachan Forest just outside Fort William. The weather was absolutely awful and from all accounts the course turned to a river of mud in places!! I was looking after Jon Ascroft and his mate Andy, and Emily Carroll and her friend Rachel Marshall, both riding in the pair category. I also had the occasional glimpse of Bob "the lone ranger solo rider" Johnson. We had a fun, if not drenched, day in weather more suited to ducks.
10 under the Ben
Andy flying Do I really look that muddy? Emily on the timing mat
The aim of this competition was to ride mountain bikes round an approximately 10-mile off-road circuit as many times as possible in 10 hours. The event allows for solos, pairs, trios and quads. The overall solo winner was Greig Brown with 12 laps in 10:31 with Hannah Barnes the first solo female in 12th overall (10 laps in 10:49). Friend of the club, Paul Carmichael, was 10th overall (10 laps in 10:23) with Bob Johnson in 18th overall and 1st Vet 50 (9 laps 10:32)
Emily overtaking all of the men Emily & Jon Rachel & Jon
In the pairs competition, Jon Ascroft and Andy Edwards completed 11 laps in 10:58 - Jon just finishing 2 minutes before the timing equipment was switched off! This frantic finish gave Jon and Andy 15th pair overall with Craig O'Donnell and Adam Spiller in 16th overall with 10 laps in 9:46 (the warmth of the hotel being more attractive than another trip round the "stream-bed" course!). Emily (soon-to-be-Hesling) Carroll and Rachel Marshall rode strongly for 71st overall with 8 laps in 9:39.
  Jon's bike minus rear derailleur Muddy Bob
In the trios, friend of the club (and wife of the author) Nicola Johnson managed 57th overall with 6 laps in 7:53 assisted by her twin sister Nats and friend Sally Todd. The leading quad team managed 13 laps in 10:06 which was super-fast to say the least!
Bob Johnson
Bob, Nicci & Jon Craig O'Donnell nearing the finish You have done HOW many laps?

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