2 Breweries Hill Race
24th September 2011

30.9k 1640m – 19.23m 5380ft
2 breweries
A gap in the weather gave a very pleasant day which was quite warm in the valleys and brisk on the hills. Stewart Whitlie tied with Mark Harris of Fife AC to win (both also V40s) in 2:56. Jasmine was leading lady finishing in 3:14:07. 18 Carnethies took part. I came almost last, beating the cutoff by 3 minutes as my legs gave up after 11.5 miles, to find I'd lost my car key somewhere along the way. After a lot of shenanigans, stress & breaking into my van twice the spare was found under the front seat. Big thanks to all my rescuers. Beware holey shorts! A shame I couldn't really enjoy the splendid prizegiving, with lovely beer, food and prizes galore. A great event.
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Map - there are two main variations (though not much difference in distance) on the route.
After turning off the road at the start and having gone up the farm track to the start of the footpath, Grieston Hill can either be taken direct with a steeper ascent, or traversed around to the left on footpaths losing a little height but with a gentler ascent.
From there on the way is largely on paths, some boggier than others, with some trackless heather descents eg Birkscairn to Glensax, parts of Stob Law to Glenrath. But the heather is quite short and the route is obvious or marked (the descent to Glenrath).
At Trahenna I went round the south side of Louden Knowe Wood as there was a wide beaten down swathe through the bog grass leading to a path, but the better option would have been to go to the north of it and a path up the valley. The going from the stile at the small loch to the wood is trackless through long boggy grassin a direct line but you could alternatively follow the land rover track around the knoll to link to the path.
The rest of the route is unmarked apart from a couple of key points eg the turn to the break in the forest up Whitelaw Hill. The route is at places dictated by landowners so marshalls may direct runners in particular directions which should be followed.
2 breweries profile
Start is on left, finish at right.
1 - Birkscairn Hill
2 - Hundleshope Hill
3 - Stob Law
4 - Glenrath Farm (drinks station)
5 - Whitelaw Hill

6 - Stobo Home Farm (drinks station)
7 - Trahenna Hill
8 - Ratchill Farm
9 - Broughton Ales Finish
After Grieston Hill and heading towards Birkscairn Hill
Descending into Glensax
Ascending Whitelaw Hill

Report by Race Organisers, Peter & Elsie:

The race attracted another large field with 140 entries and 124 starters, not including Mr Wall, who decided to walk under his own steam.The weather was kind with a cooling breeze and warm sunshine - what a change from the rest of the month.
Stewart Whitlie and Mark Harris decided to disappoint the cheering hordes at the finish by refusing to sprint, finishing together in gentlemanly fashion. Chivalry is not dead!
The ladies race was won by Jasmin Paris for Carnethy, but even she could not hold off the HBT ladies who took first ladies team prize. The men's team prize was won by HBT with three in the top eight.
The Breweries is a classic race, with great support from both Breweries, the folk from Broughton and further afield, who turn up an spend the day on the hill looking after runners regardless of the weather. Only issue marring the day was a runner abusing a marshal when we were trying to ensure the official fence crossing agreed with the farmer was used - disqualification next time.
That aside, We had a wonderful day. How many race organisers can say that, I wonder? Many, many thanks to all who made it happen so successfully.

Peter and Elsie

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