11th September 2011
Simon Wake Comrie Relays
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It was wild & wet with the wind blasting the rain horizontally and the tops covered in cloud, but as the temperature was above lethal we laughed at the moisture and splashed gaily through rivers & knee deep moss and bog. Carnethy Men's and Women's teams both came third, with Sam the prize winning fastest leg 3 runner. Afterwards a tremendous feast of barbecued beefburgers & tons of cakes at the Comrie Crofts. Race info & Results (pdf)

Some Beta for leg 3 runners:

comrie leg 3
- although the satellite image frustratingly cuts off you can just see where the landrover track ends, and the turn downhill from the wire fence. You can't see the track as you are running in a gulley. You can see where I picked it up (the red line) through following people who (more or less) knew the way. The going in the gulley is difficult so picking up the track early is a good idea! At least one runner continued down without finding it. The rest of the leg however is very easy to navigate, with clear tracks & marshalling.


Massive, massive, congratulations to all of the Carnethys out at today's relay !! The weather was comically bad with high winds, driving rain and mist you could stand a ladle in. It was awesome. This has got to be one of the best relays on the calender. The combination of stunning location, honest hill running routes, easy peasy logistics, super friendly organisation, bbq burgers, and one of the best home baked cake tables I've ever had the pleasure of raiding blend beautifully to provide an ace day out. The highlight of mine being waking up a dozing marshals close to the top of the hill on leg three, she had somehow contrived to fall asleep in near horizontal sheet rain.... Massive shout to our friends the Strathearn Harriers, you guys rock.
Sam Hesling

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