Two reports on races in sunny Italy

Tre Cime Revisited     11 September
Described as one of Europe’s top mountain running events, this was effectively my first race of the year after dropping out early from the Carnethy 5  with  injury so somewhat apprehensive about tackling it. Trekking and an MRSA infected knee requiring two minor ops in Italy accounted for most of the spring and summer. Thanks to Ospedale Feltre for  prompt first class treatment. Always carry your EU medical card!
1300 metres climb over 17.5 km, the first 7 km being  gently rising road and trail. Felt the lack of running in those 7km but picked up once the gradient increased. Fabulous scenery on a warm sunny day. Slow on the 200m descent towards the end then recovered places on the final climb. Finished just in the upper half of the field, 440/890, in 2hr 31 min. Slower by 9 minutes than last year and 62 minutes behind 5 times winner Jonathon Wyatt but good enough to be described as “Scottish top athlete” in runinternational.eu  race report! Real top Scottish athlete  Robbie Simpson was 7th overall. Again great food and drink outside the finish rifugio and sampling of local liqueurs on the 2 hour walk down to the pasta party in Sesto. Left with a large basket of local food and drink for 1st over 70 and another for oldest finisher.
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Vigolo Vattaro Vertical Kilometre       25 September
1000 metres climb in 5km, much of the climb being in the last 3km up a steep woodland track. Most people used sticks but Mudclaws and the odd pull up on the trees helped compensate. A warm sunny day so the trees were a further help.  Realized part way up that the course was the same as a race done last September but thankfully this one stopped before a plateau and final steep climb to the peak. Hyperventilated up the last stretch to the finish in 55min 33secs,some 19 minutes behind the winner, for 88th of 153 runners. Generous refreshments at the finish then a walk down to Vigolo Vittaro for an excellent meal with almost Brit menu-spit roasted beef and boiled potatoes - a change from pasta. No change though from last year in the unlimited supply of cakes and fruit and the vast array of spot prizes ranging from skis, running shoes, wines and fruit to local potatoes!

Brian Waldie

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