Pentland Skyline 2011

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  9th October 2011
Al and Jasmin win windy Pentland Skyline
From a record field of 185 finishers, Al Anthony won a tough Pentlands Skyline race in 2:38 closely followed by the first two Over 40s, Mark Harris (Fife) and Stewart Whitlie. Mark's second place was enough for him to finish first in the SHR Long Classics Series. First woman, Carnethy's Jasmin Paris, was not far back. Jasmin took 7th place overall in an excellent 2:54 on what was a very slow course and in doing so also won the SHR Long Classic Series. Second woman was Sharon Bird from Northern Ireland also in a very fast time of 3:01.
Konrad Rawlik in 5th place took the MANor Mouse award for the fastest person over the weekend double of Manor Water and the Pentland Skyline.
Pentland Skyline results are here. MANor Mouse results here. Carnethy Picasa Album here. Alan Hogg's Picasa Album here
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  The sweepers' report
Andy Fallas and I both having dodgy ankles we ended up sweeping the second half of the course. Getting a lift to the water station at the Drove Road with Cali & Bob we sheltered from the wind as long as possible in the car but eventually set up the drinks & food. It's not often you see waves on a jug of water. The weather was not entirely pleasant as the leaders arrived looking bedraggled, but as the race wore on fine weather could be seen in the distance and the sun actually appeared for a while. One definite retiral at the stage, and some doubt about 2 others. With the departure of Bill Gauld, the last runner, we set off. Running gear was the right choice as it's a gentle jog and slow walks uphill. Murdo got the vote for the best kept checklist but even his was a bit doubtful owing to something like a 6H pencil and runners determination to wear numbers crumpled, folded or underneath layers of clothing, and to shout out someone else's.
One of the marshals on Black Hill, having been on a dry stone walling course, had kept herself warm by putting in some practice, producing an impressive... er... small pile of random stones. Now why didn't I take a photo? To be fair she didn't have a lot to work with!
The third water station manned by Nick Macdonald & Alan Hogg is probably the most arduous to set up, involving a carry of water, table & food a kilometre or more up Maiden's Cleugh but they looked pretty cheerful (maybe because our arrival meant they could go!), and Ally must have snapped every runner.
No-one dropped out on the second half and eventually the indefatigable Bill led us down to the finish and we retired to the Steading for a very welcome pint.
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Andrew Gilmore & James Hardie take on water, Neil Campbell descends West Kip

bill gauld skylineskyline
Bill Gauld nearing Caerketton, Konrad Rawlik 5th & Jasmin Paris 7th

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