Traprain Law race 2011
Keith Burns/ Trevor Collins
Digby Maass on Traprain Law start Brian Howie on Traprain Law

Traprain Law’s dramatic east ridge in the foreground on the left edge of the quarry
Lured by the mistaken belief that it never rains on the Traprain Law Race, an impressive 71 faithful enthusiasts arrived at the dripping registration tent in a steady downpour and bitter north-easterly that had forced cancellation of many of the village Gala Day’s other events.  Some had heard of the access battles raging over Traprain and thought this might have forced a course change.  Not so!  We were well clear from the sad and bizarre dispute over a field margin on the south side of the hill.  The bad conditions were quite a novelty for this event, a novelty more entertaining for the competitors than our hardy marshals putting up with what felt like the early onset of winter.  Competitors will have noticed and even perhaps welcomed the sturdy new council fence protecting the edge of the quarry on the east ridge, a big improvement on the orange plastic monstrosity it will soon fully replace once the peregrine falcons have moved out of the quarry.
tyne level
River level from SEPA gauge at East Linton
Don Naylor’s defence of his 2010 victory only lasted as far as the Co-op, where he pulled out with injury, leaving the way for others to demonstrate some extremely fast pace in very cold and greasy conditions.  Edinburgh University’s Hector Haines secured a minute and a half’s lead over Gareth Green of Portobello to take victory with an impressive time 39-10 (2 seconds inside Don Naylor’s 2010 performance in very good conditions).  Huw Jones of HBT followed, with Darren Dougal of Moorfoots in fourth place and fastest MV40.  Rhona Anderson of Dunbar Running Club was 31st and fastest woman as well as fastest FV40, from Shery Johnston of Portobello in 36th overall.  Gordon Cameron was our only Carnethy prize-winner (MV50), in 13th place, but with James Hardie taking maximum club championship points in 11th.  Winning team was Portobello, followed by HBT.  It was diplomatically pointed out that we did not have a women’s team prize; something to put right next year.
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Gordon uses 2 arms to balance Digby uses 1 arm Loving it! The water wasn't that cold
Just to let you know I've put some photos I took of the start of the Traprain Law Hill Race & I think all the finishers on the East Linton Community website.If anyone wants larger photos they can email via the website with the photo number.
Alastair Seagroatt

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