Junior Senior Relay - 9th January 2011

The snow was once again on the hills as I set off to mark the course for this years relay.
As ever I had no idea who would be turning up, I knew Nick Mac, CaliBob and Gordon would be there, but as Junior Runs have diminished due to Juniors going off to University I had no idea who would arrive. I did know that Olly Stephenson was turning up and he has a brood so at least the event would happen!


Marking out the Junior route showed very little hard Ice so there was no need to curtail them. But it was cold, an evil wind was blowing, I was glad I had the Club 12 man Bivvy to shelter the kids.

Back at Flotty the cars were arriving.
A fairly good turn out, Cali, Bob, Digby, Michael, Gordon, Nick, Olly, Nigel, Oz and Scott were the seniors , and we had Peter, Sam, Jack, Colm, Hannah, Elissa, Lauren, Kirsty and Jacob,
Not enough seniors for a junior per team so we had to pair the juniors so apart from Peter's team it was teams of four.

There are 3 legs and the rules are that all of your team stays together till the turn round points.

The short leg goes up to the broken wall, down the gully on the right then back

The remains of the team carry on to the Col where the second runner runs north and desends to the biscuit van and contours back.

The third runner then carries on to the summit and runs on to the Col with Carnethy, truns left and contours back.

The three runners times are combined to get a total time althoguh this year with four in a team it was going to be more difficult..

The only other rule is that reasonable cheating will be rewarded.

The only obvious cheating this year was Sam who ran away from his team beat them up the hill and came back in first place. Well done.

The teams were sorted out quickly (as ever), the slowest junior with the fastest others, but it is always rather random. Soon we were off to the start.

The pre run preparation left lots of bags of clothes gloves etc at the start, with the winter sun warming our backs and the snow freezing our feet they were off!

Sam was first back with Peter just behind both of them were flying, I could see others on the hill and soon they were all visible.

First medium runner back was Bob and first full distance senior was Nigel. That made sure of the team prize with one 2nd and 2 wins.

I used every way I could think of to add up the team times but no way of adding up the times changed the winner, but at least there we no losers!

Well done Peter's team.

Team Name All Four times
  Slowest Junior   Averaged Junior  
Peter Fawthrop 19:46          
19:46   19:46   19:46  
Bob Waterhouse 33:20   33:20   33:20  
Nigel Fawthrop 40:02   40:02   40:02  
  01:52:54 1st 01:33:08 1st 01:33:08 1st
The Frozen Four
Sam 19:44          
Jacob Wilkinson 24:45   24:45   22:15  
Scott Cameron 41:20   41:20   41:20  
Digby Maass 43:39   43:39   43:39  
  02:09:28 2nd 01:49:44 5th 01:47:14 4th
Jack Stephenson 24:45          
Colm 26:01   26:01   25:53  
Michael Wilkinson 39:25   39:25   39:25  
Ian Oswald 40:55   40:55   40:55  
  02:11:06 3rd 01:46:21 3rd 01:46:13 3rd
Elissa 25:36          
Lauren Stephenson 25:36   25:36   25:36  
Cali Ingham 38:54   38:54   38:54  
Gordon Cameron 41:38   41:38   41:38  
  02:11:44 4th 01:46:08 2nd 01:46:08 2nd
Hannah 32:19          
Kirsty Cameron 32:19   32:19   32:19  
Nick Macdonald 36:12   36:12   36:12  
Olly Stephenson 40:55   40:55   40:55  
  02:21:45 5th 01:49:26 4th 01:49:26 5th

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