Trossachs Journey Run
17th March 2012


The Trossachs journey run was enjoyed by 12½ club members and friends. Twelve of us assembled in the car park near Brig O'Turk and set off up the delightful path which climbs through woodland towards the dam of Glen Finglas reservoir. We ran past part of the reservoir then branched northwards up Gleann nam Meann. There was a good track all the way and we could see it steadily climbing right up to the head of the glen. Part way up we passed a large group of about a dozen walkers.

The track then turned westwards and we caught dramatic glimpses of the snow covered tops of Ben More and Stob Binnean. It was a beautifully sunny clear day and we could see hills for miles in every direction, with more snow on Ben Vorlich and Stuc a'Chroin. The track continued to climb steadily to Creagan nan Sgiath. A dramatic lone figure on the skyline proved to be Digby who had run ahead and gone off for some exploration. Having reached the small cairn marking the summit of the track, we went down the bank beside the track to get out of the cold wind for lunch. I was able to add to my collection of photos of runners sitting on grassy banks and eating lunch.

We were dismayed to see the large group of walkers approaching in the distance so we hurriedly packed up and ran off down the track. It gently curved and descended until we got wonderful views straight down the blue waters of the reservoir. Part way down we met Gio coming the other way. He had only wanted a shorter run so he started later and ran out the opposite way to meet us. At the bottom of the glen we ran beside the tree-lined burn of the Finglas Water before meeting up with the reservoir again. We returned the same way to the car park before heading for the Lade Inn at Kilmahog for liquid refreshment. A good day out was enjoyed by all.

Nigel Rose

And we're off...     Regrouping at the dam road
What was that about no mud?!      
Lunch Round the corner was a very cold wind Inviting pool  

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