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We saw a good turnout for the "Alternative Carnethy 5" presentation last night at the KB Union Bar in spite of the presenter being an out-and-out brummie from south of the border. On a purely time basis our two team captains, Andy Fallas and Helen Bonsor, were victorious by handsome margins. No reasonable magic "formula" could be devised such that these two didn't win! Not being one to give up easily, I took the tough decision to disqualify the two of them on the basis that they used 6 days to do the events and not 5! Harsh but fair so all runners should take note for next year. To soften the blow I asked Andy and Helen to nominate a male and female runner who embodied the true spirit of the competition. Andy nominated Nigel Fawthrop and Helen nominated Karen Meikle. Nigel and Karen were presented with a large tin of chocolates each.
The new trophy for the "Alternative Carnethy 5" or simply the "AC5" was decided on a rigorous (I wish) formula that was devised with care and great attention to detail (ditto). The pure-time results were modified by taking only 33% of the Culter Fell times and then making time deductions based on age and gender. For the men a time deduction of age-squared-over-60 (to the nearest minute) was applied so that a man of 60 has an hour removed from his total time and a man of 20 has only 7 minutes deducted. The female times were "caressed" with a time deduction of age-squared-over-30 such that a woman of 60 has 2hrs removed from her total and a woman of 20 has only 14 minutes removed. This "formula" was devised so that the overall honours could be taken by either sex and young upstarts wouldn't have much of a chance!!
The top three were Bill Gould in 3rd; Digby Maass in 2nd and Neil "Harry" Gilmore in 1st overall. Harry is shown receiving the auspicious new trophy. Organisers wish to thanks all runners for taking part and hope that more members decide to take up the challenge next year. Also a big thanks to Nigel Fawthrop for donating an awesome cow bell for the trophy.
Well done to all

Bob Johnson
culter finish
Culter finishers
Caerketton Downhill race
caerketton downhill caerketton downhill caerketton downhill caerketton downhill
Over 50 runners turned out once again for the 11th Caerketton Doonhiller. Conditions were favourably bright & cool, with a following wind.

Run of the night went to Charlotte Morgan (Carnethy) who broke her own women’s course record, running a storming 5.45. She was followed home by Neah Evan (Shettleton) and previous course record holder Eilidh Warlaw (HBT), who jump ahead of Jasmin Paris in to 2nd and 3rd on the all-time list. The only other record breaker on the night was Bob Waterhouse (Carnethy) who reduced his own vet 60 record to an impressive 6.38.

Coll Williamson (Edinburgh Uni H&H) took 24 seconds off his time from last year, posting 5.22, the quickest time of the night. Mark Harris was close behind in 5.24, missing out on a new MV40 record by one second! The other category winners were Iain Gilmore (Carnethy) MJ, Senga Plain (Carnethy) FV40, Jean Bowman (Lomond) FV50, Robin Orr (Bellahouston Road Runners) MV50 and Bill Gauld (Carnethy) MV70.

Before any of the seniors arrived, the junior race was run down the bottom half of the course. They apparently took a new interesting winding route through the gorse but eventually popped out with smiles on their faces, led home by seven year old Ellie Dunn.

The night was rounded off by the lucky draw prize giving, Best matched prize went to John Denovan, recently 2nd in the tough man ‘Spartan Race’, who won the Marigold washing up gloves to go with his Westies vest.

Many thanks must go to the race helpers Ian, Anne, Bob, Nicola, Sandy, Cali, Gordon, Bruce, Alex and Simon who helped the race go relatively smoothly.

It was the first year I haven’t taken part in the race due to injury so Scott Cameron (Carnethy) is now the only runner to have competed in all eleven events. And he’s still a junior! (U20). Hopefully I’ll be back next year to start with you all atop the summit cairn.


Mark Johnston

55 runners in this years race on a breezy fine evening. Bruce held on to his MV40 record by 1 second and won a magnificent melon from the characteristically eclectic range of prizes, awarded by lucky dip. Charlotte won 1st lady in 5:45, knocking 14 seconds off her own course record and still the only female to get under 6 mins. Her efforts were rewarded with a splendid bag of crisps.

With the works going on up the hill the incontinent dog owners club have evidently relocated to this location, and it is not certain that Bob W was to be allowed back into the car after stepping up and in to collect his prize for an incredibly speedy win in the MV60 category. As is traditional Fraser pipped Willy to the finish.

Babysitting the main event Mary ran the race on her own afterwards as the first leg of the Alternative Carnethy 5, and got lost, which is remarkable though not unheard of on the knoll. But plenty of time to have another go!
More photos here. Alan's photoset here.

Turnhouse uphill
altc5 altc5 altc5
The weather was nowhere near as nice as yesterday as I gathered in front of an excited crowd. Well OK some cows. Upward progress was hampered by a howling wind that forced a crab like approach to the summit. I'll use that a the excuse for a slow time. The forecast for the mass start at 6.30pm promises even higher wind!
Approximately a dozen hardy Carnethies turned up for the "mass start" of the Turnhouse uphill race earlier tonight. Tough course designed by Konrad Rawlik was basically UP and then UP some more. The two dogs, Cody and Roly, coped with the windy conditions best but of the two-legged runners Andy Fallas posted a blistering 13:08 from the wooden footbridge to the summit. Cody didn't get his leg over (the fence of course) and Roly didn't chase the sheep or cattle.
Bob Johnson
After missing the race proper on Wednesday, I teamed up with Mary to do the doonhiller on Thursday night after the Turnhouse uphill. Mary was well prepared by doing a recce of alternative routes down Caerketton on the Wednesday night, so she was ready to reduce her PB by a good margin.  Unfortunately, by the time we'd completed the uphill, descended back to Flotterston, drove to Hillend and ascended Caerketton, it was half an hour after sunset so the course was in complete darkness.  Also, Mary could not actually stand on the summit to start the race because the wind kept blowing her over.  Perfect running conditions!  No PB for me, but I think Mary lopped a couple of minutes off hers.  It was actually a really enjoyable run, if a little ridiculous.
Jim Hardie

Braids Trail race
braids braids
Another blustery night saw approximately 10 runners make the mass start of the Braids Trail Race. A great course was set by Helen Bonsor so many thanks for this. One or two runners had navigational issues and three were spotted running vaguely on the right path but 180-degrees out. The field has expanded considerably since last night and we now have 15 members submitting times. Looks like there will be prizes for 4 out of 5 events so stick to it (easy for me to say since I'm not running at all). Looking forward to see runners on Culter Fell - I'll take food and drink up for all Alternative C5 competitors. Just a reminder for all runners to submit their age as well as times. There's an age-adjusted classification so you'd better knobble Bill Gould 'cause he'll get 79 minutes knocked off his overall time. Well done to all...
More photos

Bob Johnson

Culter Horseshoe
 culter  culter culter  culter  culter
The big one. A bit of a shock to the legs after the other races (and after a long time on holiday). Hills that just go on forever, and then some (to Helen's delight). The field spread out considerably as the fast runners, Stuart Whitlie, Andy Fallas, Helen Bonsor etc left the much slower AltC5ers plodding away, so the prize giving was a bit empty as many of the early finishers had to return to Edinburgh. Sorry Matt! But full marks to all the participants, including a late starting Willy (well you can run the AltC5 events at your leisure), especially those tackling a big race for the first time. A welcome sight in a particularly remote spot was Bob J bearing jelly babies and dried apple. The finish was marked by the even more wonderful sight of a proffered bottle of Crook Inn ale by Broughton Brewery and a memento Crook Inn glass (the race was partially a benefit for the 'Save the Crook Inn' campaign, as well as being a trial for the British Champs next year), with the added content of a top notch goretex beanie hat. It took an almighty effort of will not to quaff the beer straight away, but wait and go for the gallons of brilliant soup and cakes at the village hall. The course was particularly well marked and marshalled. Congratulation to Matt Davis for the excellent organisation.
Results - 22 Carnethies ran.
More photos here. Ian Nimmo's photoset here. Alistair Cox from Tinto Hill Runners photoset here

Must try to keep my language suitable for such a fine website as this BUT today's Culter Fell race looked very "demanding" to say the absolute minimum! The ground was tough as the route used lots of natural terrain and very few paths. I found it hard going in hiking boots and I was only walking and supporting. My dog "Roly" has been fast asleep since we got in with her legs going through the crazy motions in a horizontal plane. It was brilliant to see so many Carnethy vests out today. Indeed, where I was with about 6k to go, the first 4 were Carnethies; Stewart Whitlie and Andy Fallas in a dice for the lead, Tim "Slim" Darlow in third followed by Iain Gilmore. All were offered food and water in equal measures. Helen Bonsor looked in great form in about 7th and first lady. Full results will follow no doubt and Ian Nimmo has provided some excellent photos.
Bob Johnson
willy's route
Late news - Willy's delayed start resulted in this route mess! Definitely a wooden spoon effort.

Portobello Beach race
beach race
As we gathered on the breezy prom each thought the other might know where the turn point was on the beach race. Oh we'll ask Chris, the routesetter… but he's not coming! So we all assumed that there would be some obvious big steps up at the Cat & Dog home for the return leg, or some other feature. Matt and Gordon steadily built up an invincible lead and apparently decided to go to the very end of the beach before turning. Willy, in a return to good route finding form, hollered and bellowed us to turn much earlier, which suddenly improved my race position dramatically. We decided that the routesetter hadn't actually reccied it, and hadn't turned up so as to avoid abuse!
For those running later today we started on the top step of the rotunda and turned about where the prom ascends to meet the road. You can gain the prom after a short distance returning, where the curled top changes to the blue railings.

Cuh! There I am reading the excellent and exciting updates for the aC5 when low and behold, harsh words accusing me of not reccieing the race route yesterday!! A full description of the route was added to the Google map a full week ago, so pay more attention I say! Perhaps I'll get a prize for the worst organised race??!?
Chris Henty
Doesn't match the map & description on the AltC5 page! - Ed

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