Edinburgh Marathon
28th May 2012

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A large contingent of Carnethy volunteers braved the lovely weather to marshal Edinburgh marathon. A grey start soon burnt off to leave wall to wall sunshine and conditions verging on hot. It's quite a sight to see the start with nearly 7000 runners with the excitement palpable. Slightly less inspiring is marshalling in the queues for the ineffable portaloos, but hey ho, it makes a valuable contribution to the club coffers. Some of us also assisted at the finish area in Musselburgh so witnessing the transformation of the starters into varying degrees of running wreckage. Looking very good though was Andy Lennie, pleased with a time of 3hr 34, and determined to beat 3hr 30 next time. Persevering to the finish was a battered Micheal Nowicki who suffered a foot injury after another runner trod on it, and who was still feeling the effects of his epic run. A Carnethy relay team had a setback on one of the legs but I have no further news at the moment.
andy lennie andy lennie
Many thanks to all the Carnethy shouts along the route. I set off far too fast, a classic mistake but enjoying passing loads of people, something I don't usually do in Hill Races!, caught up with Micheal N. in Port Seton complete with bad toe and we ran a mile or so together before I thought I'd have a go at my sub 3:30 target. Saw Bob and Cali on Longniddry Bents which was a real boost and then my wife and 3 little nieces a wee bit further on. It was starting to get hot at this point!, with the loop around Gosforth House really scorchio, I was on target at 20mls ( 2:32:00) but started to wilt, so in order to look good for the photo's at the finish line I slowed down and "cruised" in at 3:34:20 ..... Great to see Nick, Gordon and Digby at the finish line. A really good day, but no more of this road nonsense, time to forget about pace and time and get back to the hills.

Andy Lennie
michael nowicki
I would like to say a huge thanks to all the Carnethies for the support along the route during the Edinburgh marathon. You guys are one amazing bunch of people.So glad to be part of the club. Also well done to all Carnethies at Jura and Edinburgh marathon. One hot weekend!!
Michael Nowicki

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