Pub 'n' Chips Summer Stagger 2012

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Well, Fraser (aka Gibson Junior) was going to write a report on this, but nothing's appeared yet, so I'll have a go...
It was an epic this year, with the highest number of Carnethies ever on a Pub 'n' Chips run.  There were significant differences between the estimates from the police and the organisers, however attendance is believed to have peaked at around 30...fortunately below the threshold to trigger a Morningside kettling...
Anyway, most of us gathered at KB, where the first turn-up of the evening was the arrival of three Lady Ga-Gas in pink wigs.  Fortunately for the vegetarians present, meat frocks were not considered the most practical running attire.  And even with a 7:15pm start Matt still managed to be late, screeching in on two wheels as we all set off up Blackford Hill.
The usual route through the Astley Ainslie was closed, so two alternative routes (a side entrance...or a hop over a wall!) were used to find our way through to the Merlin.  The beer was a Caledonian special I can't remember the name of, and the official standing of the run was increased as we collected El Presidente, Monsignor Treasurer and our Distinguished Former Secretary.
Gordon popped down to Stefano's to get them started on large-scale chip-cooking duties, then we made our way to Bennet's, for an excellent round of Kelburn's Goldihops.  The very friendly staff even changed the barrel for us as we fed and rehydrated outside.
A quick skip round the corner took us to the Waiting Room for some Tyneside Blondes.  The barman was slightly bemused, and with me being unsure of our numbers, combined with the lack of an abacus behind the bar, we ended up with a couple of extra halves.  Before we got too worried about who would drink them, we remembered we had Willie (aka Gibson Senior), which meant they evaporated tout, and indeed, suite.
Crossing the road, we avoided both the oncoming traffic, and the Morning Glory, and took in some cultural history, at the site of Edinburgh's last hanging of two highwaymen.  Who'd have thunk it?  Pubs!  Chips!!  Culture!?  ...and History!?!
Still, the lure of Pimms seemed to be distracting people and the traditionalists in the group braved the midges on the Buckstone Terrace, whilst the softer ones amongst us hid indoors nursing our Deuchars IPA.
There were no such problems (either midges or Pimms) on the summit of Braids, just a lovely evening as the light started to drift.  We managed our usual bash across the golf course without attracting too much ire from the lovable rogues hacking their way round, and tootled through Mortonhall woods to the Stables Bar.  Midges drove everyone indoors, and into the arms of Stewart's 80"...as the evening got darker, so did the beer.
Leaving two Gibsons and a CaliBob in situ (they may still be there now?), our feet took us back by Liberton Tower to KB for the official finish...and then on for the semi-(un)official end at Leslie's.  Foolishly we tried in vain to find out what Dr Matt had done his PhD on - the general consensus was the little studied field of "Grove-orrhoids"...
And that's where I left them...contentedly have a braw blether and toying with where to head for their next beer!
So, all of that, and no mention of Jimbob's explanation of how he managed to get out of his wetsuit at the triathlon...and for the sake of decency, let's keep it that way...  Thanks to everyone for coming along - hope you all enjoyed it!

Neil's photos here. Ali Hogg's album here

Oz Oswald

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