MAN(or) Mouse competition

The Man-or Mouse Competition (for the really tough!) is for the best and worst combined times for the Manor Water Hill Race and The Pentland Skyline Hill Race. These Races are run on consecutive days in October and the combined distance is 27 miles with 8200 feet of climb. There is a special trophy for the (Wo)MAN and a Mouse (!) for the MOUSE and a free beer for everyone who completes the double - you all deserve it, well done!
manor manor map skyline skyline map
13th October 2012
21 runners completed the tough MANor MOUSE challenge this year, i.e. the Manor Water/Pentlands Skyline double.
The MAN was Andy Fallas in a new record of 3:42:11 with Mark Harris of Fife next in a fast 3:53:49. The next 3 runners were all Carnethy women: Jasmin Paris, Jill Mykyura and Helen Bonsor . The Mouse was John Telfer of Northumberland in 5:51:59.

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