11.12.13 Photo Competition

The theme this year was "altitude"
Take a photograph between now and 8.30pm on Wednesday 11/12/13
with bonus points for taking it at 09.10 or 14:15

Would Bob repeat his last two year's success with another kit ripper?
With the entries printed out we all took part in the judging. A human cheer-o-meter determined the success or otherwise of the entries. The photos variously used the theme of 'Altitude' or stuck to the idea of 11.12.13, and we were all wondering how Bob could possibly manage to get his kit off to either of these. The perfect riposte in the form of Graham's witty winning entry was complemented by Matt Davis' 2nd place altitudinous photo on the summit of Ben Nevis, and Jeff Roberts' 3rd place dedicated camp out on Turnhouse Hill to capture both the moment and the height.
1st Graham Nash 2nd Matt Davis 3rd Jeff Roberts
Bill Gauld Carnethies impersonate Carnethy Digby at altitude above Carnethy
Euan Innes From on top of Carnethy John Ryan
John Ryan   Matt Davis on the Ben
Mike Lynch Keith Burns - Lowest altitude possible at high tide without snorkel Sprints group with Carnethy Hill 11.12.13
Bob's dog Roly on high Late entry from Iain Whiteside on the highest mountain in the Western Cape Bob on something!
Some excellent pictures were received in varying styles from John Ryan's "arty" ones through to Mike Lynch's "hand drawn" effort complete with bribe.

Bob Johnson had won the previous 2 years with a shameless display of, well, himself. Determined not to let him win again, the new secretary employed the help of Bob's "Friend"; Philippa Divet (pronounced "Divée, apparently) for his entry.

All the photos were displayed at the KB bar after training, with final judging by the latest technology in the form of the Carnethy "cheer-o-meter".
Appealing to the Carnethy membership's sense of humour, Graham won first prize of some Stewarts ale, closely followed in second place by Matt Davis on top of Ben Nevis, and in third place, Jeff Roberts selfie of his arm, having camped out on Turnhouse Hill overnight. Dedication. 

A bottle of limited edition Stewarts's ale for all entrants. 

Graham Nash

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