8th September 2013
Ben Nevis Race - Sat 7th Sept
I've trawled through the Ben Nevis Race Results and pulled out all the Carnethies (I think). The top three plus the Carnethy finishers are shown here -
ben carnethy results
Carnethies finished one-a-minute for a little while with Angela Mudge (comfortable woman's winner) in 1:52; Andrew Gilmore in 1:53; and Steven Fallon in 1:54. Nice formation work and awesome hill running by these three. Iain Gilmore rounded out the sub-2's with an excellent 1:58.
The also-rans were headed by Bob Johnson who still didn't get under the sub-2hours with time fast running out for this "brummie get" from south o'the the border. Joel Sylvester, Bruce Smith, Jim Hardie, Alec Erskine and Simon Titmuss all in the bracket 2:10 to 2:20.
An excellent turn-out of Carnethies with the following read out by the race organisers at the start:
"The Carnethy Hill Running Club are greatly saddened to inform the runners assembled here of the death of long-term member, John Blair-Fish. John had a sudden heart attack while out riding his bike on Wednesday 4th September and despite the attentions of all present, the ambulance service and the hospital, John tragically passed away. He has completed the Ben race many times always UNDER the 2-hour mark. He was a hill runner of world class and he will be sadly missed by his family, clubmates, and competitors alike. His life was lived to the full and he should inspire us all"
Report by: Wilba Missin-John
(aka Bob Johnson)  
angela bill bob jacqui

Photos from Ben Nevis - Matt has been practising 'The Digby' - here
Race results: here

A fantastic turn-out of Carnethies!, 27 entered and 25 on the startline – always difficult to plan so far ahead when entries are submitted in January. The weather could not have been better this year, but as I headed for the start line the half way cut off of 60mins was more of a worry. A most uplifting round of applause on the start line from all runners followed the race officials announcement of JBF’s untimely passing. I believe Jimmy Jardine of Lochaber started the race, and as if to catch us all out – slightly early! This was my 15th consecutive year (still on track for the 21) and knowing that I hadn’t quite put the training in that I should have made me dread the cut-off times – I won’t be using Stella as my training partner next year! The first half is the “easy bit”! Pacing myself I managed to reach Red Burn in 57mins not much time to play with for the summit as the steeper section lay ahead, but with one eye on the Lochaber runners I picked a good line, its easy to drift off, following the immediate runners ahead. As the rough route to the summit levelled off I had managed to gain some time – 1:47 at the top, enough for a photo from a bemused marshall! The descent was my slowest ever but I was resigned to just finish this year. A nice change from recent years when visibility has been bad – great views all the way down. Hoping for a faster time next year – 6 to go! Andy Lennie.

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