The Autumn Equinox Run 2013
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Poem by Mary Lye

As day and dark lock their horns

And berries ripen 'twixt the thorns

A band of runners at Hillend meet

With liquids fiery and morsels sweet.


Through Penicuik and Silverburn,

Past golden hedge and browning fern

A chariot for two pounds ten

Delivers us to Carlops glen.


A Ramsay swally then up, up up!

Into the fields with plastic cup

We go. Glenkinchie in the hills,

Toffee-apples, gin from local stills.


Dear friends far and dear friends near

And dear friends no longer here,

Are borne forever within our breast

O'er grassy track and rocky crest.


Up two Kips, and down their dips,

Ma Hardie's elixir on our lips,

Down Scald Law we hurtle madly

And up Carnethy resting gladly


for a pasty. But wait! My eyes are blurry...

Do they really see twin orbs so furry?

Our luxuriant butler, besuited Bob

Welcomes us with a flash of his...smile.


Thus addled, recollections are spotty!

From Turnhouse, we plunged down to Flotty

For a pint and cookie, chocolate and spice:

Autumnal evening's paradise.


A harvest moon at Castle Law

Illuminates the darkened tor

As we consume our final scran:

Beetroot muffnuts, made by hand.


A final push to Caerketton from Allermuir.

A final draught of berry liqueur.

A final descent, giddily heading

To the cosy timbers of The Steadings.


A change of clothes and warm, dry socks

Wrap up the best ever Equinox.

Thank you Jim for your truly magnificent organisation, and also thanks to Ma Hardie, Jane, Shaun and Fiona for your delectable drinks and morsels!

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