British Fell and Hill Relay Championships 2013

This was the 25th running of the British Fell and Hill Relay Championships, hosted by Eryri Harriers in Llanberis this year. There were around 200 teams of 6 people each competing, making it a huge event and a wonderful weekend. It’s not often you get a chance to see most of the English and British Fell Champions representing their teams, and for me it was a huge privilege to be part of the Carnethy ladies’ team. Thanks to Helen Bonsor and Andy Fallas for all the organization as well – I heard another team captain on the day say that organizing teams for these things was “like herding kittens”.
One great thing about this relay from a spectator (and logistical!) perspective was that all the legs started and finished in the same place, adding to the atmosphere and in some cases the confusion. The somewhat grandly named Arena (actually a car park) was a great place to be all day. It being Wales, and October, the failure to bring the Carnethy tent proved to be a bit of a blunder. The Arena emptying as everyone piled into the marquee to avoid the rain happened with some regularity. In these times, the only people left outside were shivering in the holding pen waiting for their chance to run.

The leg stats were as follows for the Carnethy Ladies’ Team:
Leg 1 - 7.4k, 350m Helen Wise
Leg 2 - 14.3k, 990m Angela Mudge and Jasmin Paris
Leg 3 – Navigation leg Jacqui Higginbottom and Joanne Anderson
Leg 4 - 8.4k, 610m - single Cali Ingham

In 2014, the relays will be in Kirby Lonsdale, and I hope Carnethy can field at least 2 ladies’ teams – and try to beat HBT who won for a second year running.
Helen Wise
Ladies Team Captain

Ladies Team Reports
Leg 1
The start of leg 1 began with a sprint along the road and up into the slate quarries. From there, the route contoured around and then up to Cefn Du. As I was climbing, I saw Murray Strain flying back down, well ahead of the second placed runner. Some time after, I followed the marked route back downhill (with a great view of Moel Eilio where the leg 2 and 4 runners would be headed), and back into the arena to hand over to Jasmin and Angela. All I can claim credit for is giving them a lot of people to pass, but they finished their leg second fastest female pair of the day.
Overall, we finished 12th out of 38 teams in a total time of 5.57.49 – congratulations to the MV50 team that won their class in 4.52.27 and to the mens’ team who were 21st out of 99 teams in the open race in 4.49.01.
Helen Wise
Leg 2
In spite of well-laid plans to retain warm jackets for as long as possible, there was a brief period of jumping on the spot in our vests in the pouring rain before cheering Helen in and taking over the running. Me (Jasmin) and Angela were both pleased to be running the longest leg, taking in Moel Cynghorion, Foel Goch and Moel Eilio, although I wasn’t prepared for just how runnable the initial 5km of track and road was going to be! Passing plenty of teams on the way was good for morale, and at times also a welcome windbreak… The final descent through a quagmire of mud was great fun, and we passed over to Jacqui and Joanne for the unenviable task of navigating in the gale.
Jasmin Paris
Leg 3
Angela and Jasmin appeared at the change over so quickly there was no announcement or time to take off waterproofs just to run. Leg 3 was a bit like a mini mountain marathon, a nice route, with 4 main up hill bits, quite a bit of bog and a very muddy descent to the finish. Although I kept the map and compass in my hand for the whole leg, it was Jacqui who gets the credit for her excellent navigation. The weather was a bit exciting at times as the rain chucked down and the breeze occasionally picked up, it was an enjoyable run. Over to Cali for the final leg.
Carnethy Win the Mens V50

The V50 team of Mark James, Ronnie Gallagher, Adam Ward, Stewart Whitlie, Steven Fallon and Harry Gilmore won the Mens V50 at the FRA Relays today at Llanberis, making a British Double for the club as we also have won the British Fell Running O/50 Team Championships. Two other Carnethy teams also took part at Llanberis, a men's open team and a women's team.
Full Report to follow , there is a good report on the Mud Sweat and Tears Website

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