Handicap Series 2013
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Individual winners:
1 Boghall - Gio Macdonald
2 Dreghorn - David Harrington
3 Lammerlaw - Fionna Mackinnon
4 Broughton - Bill Gauld
5 The Meldons - Konrad Rawlik
6 Arthurs Seat - Bruce McAdam

Overall Championship:
Gold - Matt Grove - 127.3
Silver - Matt Jones - 115.9
Bronze - Digby Maass - 113.9
4th - Jonathan Whitehead - 113.8
margaret, dreghorn handicap
April - Boghall
Very strong wind, not too cold
boghall boghall boghall boghall boghall
The weather was surprisingly poor for the first handicap of the season. The wind was blowing very hard but at least the rain stayed away until the return of the last of the runners.
48 Carnethies set off from the busy Boghall carpark and headed off into the headwind on the way up Allermuir. Some frisky cattle added to the excitement of the initial climb and the very boggy ground made the going rather soft.
The stile at Allermuir summit was causing some consternation as the wind pinned runners to the fence, running downhill into the gale was interesting and the wide route outside the fence was unusually a little faster due to the protection afforded by the dry stane dyke.
The boggy descent from Allermuir Crossing to the army metal plate was technical, slippy and great fun and the following breeze aided the Castlelaw Climb.
The newly laid road on the run off Castlelaw added a new 5 foot cliff to the descent and the run down from the broken sinks was improved by last years heather burning. Todays lunchtime reccie of the new fence (and the covering up of a couple of stretches of barbed wire with tubing), helped those that knew about it!
The floating grass swamp caught a few out on the way back up to the track, but most people finished in very good spirits.
Bruce McAdam decided to do his own route causing a worrying 15 minutes for those awaiting his return (map of his route coming soon), and Mary Lye led her sons Nursery teacher on her first hill run to come in last equal as the darkness was falling.
The race was won by Gio Macdonald in a runtime of 60:25, with Joel Sylvester showing very good form 2nd in 50:28 (3 minutes faster than last year), new member David Williams was 3rd in 52:22.
Many Thanks to Bob Johnson and Andy Spenceley for doing the timing and food booking and Gordon Cameron for sorting out the results.
Full Results
Willie Gibson
May - Dreghorn
Sun, Rain, Hail and Rainbows
Dreghorn Handicap - Sun, Rain, Hail and Rainbows

With Gordon's Recce as the benchmark and the fact that he took a few interesting diversions on the way, the predicted handicaps for this new route were about 118% of the actual.
This favoured the slower runners so there was not a lot of overtaking, and also following wasn't that easy, unless you chose to follow Michael Wilkinson. He managed to add Swanston to the route and also lead a few others that way.
The route was well liked by the 41 runners and the race was won by David Harrington with Philippa Ivison and Kate Bebb joint second.
Andy Fallas was the fastest runner in 41:59.
Thanks to Graham Nash and Bob Johnson for organising.
More photos here
Results (first draft)
June - Lammerlaw
Hungry snouts at Lammer Law Handicap
Many years ago I put a personal boycott on the Goblin Ha’ hotel in Gifford after they demanded a deposit before they would entertain feeding a bunch of hungry runners. We transferred our allegiance to the Tweeddale Arms across the road. Ownership of both hotels has changed since then. I made my usual early firm booking at the Tweeddale Arms for 15 – 30 or so runners for last night’s handicap. Checking that arrangements were clear on my way up to the start I was told that the chef was hard pressed and they only had food for 15!! – with no ideas offered as to how they would help sort the crisis that they had generated. I broke my boycott and appealed to the Goblin Ha’ across the road to take the overspill (sending the whole gang at such late notice was more risky). Duty manager Andy couldn’t have been more sympathetic. With great enthusiasm he accepted our overspill. I hope that those of you who ate at the Goblin were well looked after, and my apologies for the cock-up (cos we didn’t get any from the Tweeddale). So we’ll transfer our custom to the Goblin next year. When will the hospitality industry learn that they can’t afford to displease people who want to spend money with them? On hospitality, note the really excellent cafe on the high street next time your hungry in Gifford.
We saw the Lammermuirs at their best last night, coolish with distant views across the firth, no midges, bracken growth hardly started, grouse and skylarks for company. A few struggled with navigation as usual, even finding the start and finding the way home. The hill fort presented the usual puzzling difficulties again. There are good pictures of hill forts on the internet, or speak to Cali. Our handicapper should stand by for some queries and appeals.
Being well insulated by subcutaneous fat (or other pathetic excuses) will NOT be accepted as a substitute for foul weather gear at my events in future. I’ve had to deal with both a hypothermia and a dehydration casualty in the space of a month at hill races. Let’s have a bit more thought about risk of injury please!
Next East Lothian event is the East Lothian Three Peaks Duathlon on July 28th (starting with the same ascent of Lammer Law).
Keith Burns
Fionna MacKinnon had an un-FORT-unate run tonight with a incredibly good handicap she ran the race to win by 18 minutes but "Fort what Fort?" , It will be left up to the handicapper to decide the results (Cali has run the race at least 3 times and only found the fort this year!). Matt Grove was second with Bob Waterhouse third.
The fastest runnner was Andrew Norman in 50:08 with Alex McVey second in 53:30 and Joel Sylvester third in 54:43
July - Broughton

26 runners turned out for tonight's handicap over the rolling hills of Broughton.
The race was won easily by Bill Gauld, with Bob Johnston 3 minutes behind and Hilary Spenceley close after.
It was a lovely sunny night for a run (if a little hot), but that was soon remedied by the pints in Broughton.

August - The Meldons
Very warm then a brief monsoon
21st August 2013
Konrad wins the Meldons Handicap, BBQ precipitates 2 minutes of precipitation

26 Runners completed the Meldons summer BBQ handicap. Some set off on the road, a whole new approach to hill running, whilst most stuck to the established route. Whilst everyone was on the hill, I settled down to fulfil my role of race organiser by having a blether and enjoying the tranquillity of the setting – warm, dry, still but very few midges. The BBQ’s were lit and all seemed well with the world.
All continued to be chilled as Konrad floated in, first by quite a way (in case Mr Handicap Secretary is reading!). A few spots of rain then fell as Bob Waterhouse stormed in with an excellent run, closely followed by Mick James who was making a welcome return to the fray. Then the heavens opened to dump a seriously heavy rain shower on us. The taps were turned on at about 1hr, 10 minutes and off again at about 1hr 12 minutes. Unfortunately nearly all the field arrived in that narrow window threatening to dissolve the results sheet and wash away the ink. So like Winnie the Pooh’s spelling, they are very good results, but some of the numbers might be a bit wobbly. There are perhaps 4 runners from whom I would entertain an appeal- anybody else will be at it and I’ll tell on you to Mr Handicap secretary if you try it on!
The rain was, of course, a direct consequence of the BBQ’s being lit and they were saved from drowning by heroic acts- you know who you are - so big thanks. And then, as if by magic, it was mellow again, the rain disappeared, food and drink consumed and all was good. Thanks to all - hope you enjoyed.

Robin Haynes

Threatening clouds didn't deter twenty-five runners, plus assorted walkers, cyclists and hangers-on at last night's Meldons Handicap. The freestyle route over the three summits sparked much discussion and animated gesticulating...which would be the fastest choice to the first summit? Road or hill-path? Willie (tarmac-phobe) opted for the road, which many took as a sign that this was the wiser/faster option. Others eschewed that choice on account of it not being difficult/manly enough. Whatever gains and losses were made on this section, the runners came off the second summit in clusters, hurtling through the car-park and discarding superflous garments. Interesting route choices were made up the third and final hill, with several runners opting to burrow through the ferny jungle, and others springing most impressively over the gate.
Meanwhile I wafted around ineffectually "helping" Robin, by which I mean taking photos, looking anxiously at the glowering sky, and holding a cardboard tray over the barbecues when the heavens finally opened. Fortunately Robin was meticulously well-prepared in his inaugural handicap organisation, and he took the closely clustered finish in his stride. Konrad was first back, followed by a gazelle-like Bob. Moira returned triumphant with a buzzard feather, and we enjoyed a wet barbecue, and even wetter beer. Mary's (much better!) photos here

September - Arthur's Seat
Warm, sunny & lovely. Then midgey.
4th August 2013

Lovely warm evening for the last handicap. Matt Grove sucked in his belly and donned the leader's jersey and prepared to do battle. The many walkers out posed something of an obstacle as did navigation, with Whinny Hill once again proving tricky. Cali approached from the North, Jonathan from the West, Hilary appeared to be heading for the wrong top. Maybe we should build a cairn! Bruce McAdam was the winner, a compensation for getting rather lost on the first handicap. Matt Grove was a clear series winner, with Matt Jones second, and myself third, narrowly ahead of Jonathan Whitehead.
Afterwards we went to the Kilderkin for pints, pizzas and presentations, serenaded by a table full of ukelele players frowning with concentration at their music sheets. Series results here, race results here.

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