Pub 'n' Chips run
17th July 2013
It was another lovely evening as we gathered at KB for this year’s Pub ‘n’ Chips run, fuelling ourselves with an assortment of beverages ranging from beer to wine to hot chocolate (and some cider).  Suitably hydrated, 20 of us set off up Blackford Hill, whilst Saint Nick and Jimbob Squarepants, Carnethy’s own answers to Chris Froome and Ritchie Porte, took the cycling option.  Jimbob even offered to take the kitty, before shamefully confessing that he would have just “blown it all on hokas” (at least, we think he said hokas...).

Reaching the top we disturbed the romantic evenings of a handful of couples, and played Reach for the Chips as numbers for a range of salt, sauce and vinegar options were established.  Mike then diverted to the chippy to get them cooking, whilst we met with President Gordon and the Legend of Shane in the Merlin, for a Belhaven IPA (and some cider).

A short sprint led us down to Bennet’s, where we took over most of the outdoor section to enjoy their own Bennet’s ale (and some cider).  It was sometime around here that we realised we were in the presence of an internationally acclaimed megastar, as Matt had brought along his nephew, Daniel Radcliffe, to add a little youthful vim and vigour to the proceedings – Harry Potter and the Half-Cut Hill Runners set the tone for the evening.

The chippy was busy and our grub had been a little delayed, so we headed for the Morning Glory this year instead of the Waiting Room and ate our chips there, accompanied by our only Deuchars of the evening (and some cider).

Now, confession time.  I’ve always been a tad disturbed by the intrusion of Pimms into the Pub ‘n’ Chips run...  The ascetic purity of a simple celebration of barley and potato, corrupted by this intruder, this unwholesome, unhygienic beast, served in a jug with garishly coloured fruit and veg bobbing about!  I don’t even know what Pimms is made of (answers on a postcard to the usual address please)?  And yet, and yet...it seems to have inveigled its way in and become a core part of the evening...  So there I was on Monday night buying a bottle of the blessed stuff, along with some limes, lemons, apples and a cucumber too; the last of which was particularly galling – what’s the point of a foodstuff which costs more calories to eat than you gain from it?  And why did I have to go through this whole torrid and tawdry experience?  Because the Buckstone Bar at the Braids Hotel is closed for refurbishment and re-opens...next week.  So the only way to get the Pimms in was going to be DIY style...

All of which digressive, waffling nonsense takes us from the Morning Glory up to the summit of Braids, where the lovely late evening sunshine was accompanied by a bowl of handmade Pimms punch...or alternatively a selection of beers for the more heathen amongst us.  No cider though.

We then split into several groups for the trot to the Stables where we received our usual excellent welcome and a range of damn fine Stewart’s ales (and some cider).  The evening was still warm enough to sit outside and there were no midges to drive us indoors.  There was a moment of confusion when one of our throng went missing though, as Phil suffered from a minor “overshoot”.  Edinburgh Gold turned out to be the appropriate remedy for this condition though, purely for medicinal purposes of course.

Still, all things must come to an end, and we headed off down by the Cattery back to KB and then most of us reconvened in the bar of Leslie’s to admire Jimbob’s “little knees” (don’t ask) and for one last cheeky snifter of their own Leslie’s ale (and, er, maybe some cider??).

Thanks to the various people who helped through the evening – Mike for being chips-man, Jim and Phil with the Pimms gubbins and Willie for being a guiding light at various points in the run.  And thanks to everyone who came along – hope you all enjoyed it!

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