4th May 2013
Stuc a'Chroin 5000 - 39 Carnethy Runners

more photos on flickr (courtesy of Allan Gebbie)

The Prize Winners
Male U23   
1 Andrew Gilmour Carnethy
2 Adam Harris Shettleston
3 Ian Gilmour Carnethy
1 Hector Haines HBT
2 Andrew Fallas Carnethy
3 Charles Hutchinson HBT
1 Charlotte Morgan Carnethy
2 Eilidh Raistrick HBT
3 Eilidh Wardlaw HBT
1 Kenny Richmond Shettleston
2 Mark Harris Fife AC
3 Jon Ascroft Carnethy
1 Jacqui Higginbottom Carnethy
2 Veronique Oldham Cosmics
3 Jane Jackson Carnethy
1 Stewart Whitlie Carnethy
2 Alan Smith Deeside
3 Adrian Davis Carnethy
1 Joan Wilson Carnethy
2 Hilary Ritchie Fife AC
3 Anita Hamilton Cosmics
1 Ewan Paterson Moray Roadrunners
2 John Blair-Fish Carnethy
3 Murdo MacLeod Westies
1 Ros Evans Westies
1 Carnethy Carnethy  
2 HBT    
It was my 3rd Stuc a'Chroin Race, back after a 10 year absence. My excuse of "It is too close to the Scottish Islands Peaks Race" was not valid this year so it had to be done.
Leaving Roslin with Joel Sylvester and Helen Wise we knew that the weather was likely to be iffy, but the views of the hills was spectacular as we headed up the M9. I was hopeful!
After arriving at Strathyre and registering in fair conditions, a cup of coffee took enough tinme for the weather to turn. After hiding in the car to change into race gear we headed to the start. Already sporting my new Carnethy cap, I added my old faithful Carnethy pertex to the full body cover I was carrying at the last minute (and what a good move that was).
There were masses of Carnethies milling arounng in the mizzle at the start and after a countdown we were off.
I had forgotten how long the track up was and also forgotten how far we cut back along the ridge before the well remembered descent in and climb out of Glen Ample. The very steep single track queue up out of the Glen was also well remembered but not the undulating ridge, which seemed to go on for ever.
I passed the descent path just in time to see the first runners heading down. Andy Fallas was lying 3rd and lots of other Carnethies were not far off the pace and Charlotte was the first lady on the way back down.
The wind was strong as I donned the pertex for the climb to the summit and tried hard to catch Joan Wilson who skipped past me on one of the slippier descents, I saw her for the lst time as she passed the summit..
The summit turn was welcome but running back into the wind over slippy rocks was fraught. I ran past a pile of water bottles abandoned on the hill and saw Marshals escorting someone down to shelter. It transpired that this was a female runner suffering from hypothermia, Keith Burns had noticed and gave up his race to help (After a helecopter had failed to reach her, she was escorted off the hill to safety).
The slippy traverse descent back into Glen Ample was fun as was the climb back out. Then there was the interminable track to the finish field.
A great adventure as ever I was only 40 minutes slower than 10 years ago in 3:35:18.
Andy Fallas was first Carnethy home in third place and with Stewart Whitlie (7th), Andrew Gilmour (9th) and Paul Faulkner (10th) making up the winning team. Charlotte Morgan was first Lady and Jacqui Higginbottom was first FV40.
There were masses of very cheerful marshals all over the hill offering water and food. Many Thanks to all of you.

Willie Gibson
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