Trophy Winners 2013

Details of the trophies and previous winners
Burns Scott Trophy
Digby Maass
Scald Law Trophy
Graham Nash
Allermuir Junior Trophy
Andrew Nash & Rachael Nash (jointly)
Handicap Trophy
Matthew Grove

The Alt C5 Trophy
Graham Nash

Club Championship
Charlotte Morgan

Every completer of the Club Championship receives a bottle of “Carnethy Ale”, a special brew by Jeff Roberts

Carnethy Radical Runner Trophy
Matt Davis

My award of the "Radical Runner" is as follows:
Very difficult as we've had awesome performances all round and all year...
Lots of people need a mention, namely...
Konrad and Jasmin, Andy and Helen, Charlotte Morgan, Stuart Whitlie, Mike Reid, Jon Ascroft (for another fine three peaks) and so on...
However my award is made as follows:
1st Place - you can easily get confused between feet and metres here - Matt Davis's awesome completion of the "Tor des Geants Race"  - a massive 330km and 26,000m of up and down (yes that's metres) in one race. 111hrs to complete it for 77th place out of 750 starters. No question that Matt is"Radical Runner" for 2013!!!
All stand please for MATT DAVIS !!!!!!
2nd place - for the awesome "City to Summit" triathlon and a fine 8th place
overall in that gruelling event. Plus loads of other stuff all year too.
Craig Mattocks.
3rd place - yes you - one Graham Nash (for a superb Ramsay Round and a fantastic year of improvement up towards the top ranks of the club) (that's 3 pints ta very much)

Cheers Bob

JBF Trophy for Best Overseas Performance
Helen Bonsor and Andy Fallas (jointly)

The Wooden Spoon Trophy

Bob Waterhouse

Foist on his own petard!
For a lamentable tale of mis-navigation at the Llanberis FRA relays


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