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16th February 2014
Carnethy win at Borders XC - Dunbar

The last race in the Borders XC series at Dunbar was in glorious sunshine, as have been at least the last 2 here (ie the ones I've been in). A bit of a breeze took us tired Carnethy 5 runners (the day before) nicely down the beach and past the lighthouse, but oh, turning the corner and coming back was not quite so easy!
Not a lot of us turned out. Those whose series places depended on it did, and a small core of diehards made up the rest. Andy Fallas and Mike Reid were in hot contention race and series wise. Andy finishing 2nd took the race today from Mike in 3rd place, and Mike took the senior series by one point from Andy. Helen Bonsor was 3rd woman running for the first time in the series following injury. Vicki Gilmore was far from last in her category, improving all the time!
I gained the Exalted and Giddy heights of 3rd M60 in the series... Bill Gauld got a special award of Exalted Elder of the Series of at Least 70 Years Old. Stewart Whitlie won the series M50-60 class, Jess Dahl was 5th woman, Iain Gilmore was 3rd in the under 20 class. Carnethy won the men's team prize, and for any other stats the overall results are here.
Photosets from James Addie here and the indefatigable Bob Marshall here.
And we all got a rather disappointing mug, when we wanted our HORSE BRASSES!

26th January 2014
Andy Fallas & Michael Reid one two at Conundrum

Conundrum ndeed! The weather was a bit grim though not quite , but it was very cold & windy. I don't know if this route has been run before but I tried to more or less memorise it, and as the race progressed I thought - this doesn't resemble the map. Eventually the route we were running came up against a tape across the race line (at the farthest point south), the runners crossing it and returning back the way but on the other side of a hedge. Some vaulted it; I tried a racing limbo and had my hat swept from my head for my trouble. Bill assumed a diversion around a neighbouring building but just lost time. So I have no idea where we were actually supposed to go. We followed all the marshals directions and marking to that point, but the GPX trace is quite different to the published map, as you can see. Hopefully the whole race took the same route; certainly all the runners in my view took it. Anyway we enjoyed it! Stewart Whitlie and Iain Gilmore did well too, with 1sts in their categories. Results

The mystery is revealed!:
Good Afternoon  
Your website report is quite correct in that the route you ran yesterday did not ressemble the course map.  On the day I expressed my apologies to your first two runners - Andrew Fallas and Michael Reid - and explained what happened.  
One of my marshals, for reasons known only to himself and which we are unlikely ever to determine, having sent the Juniors the right way proceeded to send the Seniors the wrong way.  The marshal involved is an experienced coach and athlete and was put in that particular spot because of his experience.  I can only apologise for his error.   
The positive of all this is that all the runners went the wrong way so there were no inequalities of distance and, in fact, it would appear most of the route was run as, after "the blip", everyone regained the proper course.  To date feedback on the course has been overwhelmingly positive and, of course, next year we will ensure that this mistake is not repeated - as you will appreciate this was the first time a XC has been held in this venue.  
The course was properly marked / signed and, after the gales of Saturday, it was walked and checked yesterday morning by myself and my husband - everything was in place before the start of the race and, had the marshal in question done his job properly, then the race should have gone off without a hitch.  I personally feel absolutely dreadful as this marshal is, in fact, my brother - someone I would expect to rely on 110%.  
I would be grateful if you would extend my sincere apologies to those club members who ran yesterday and experienced the difficulties.  I do hope they will all return next year and run the proper course !  
With best wishes
Caroline McDermott
Coach / Secretary : Tweed Striders
Chair : Borders Winter XC Series

13th January 2014
Paxton House

When the smoke is going straight up you know it's a nice day. Crisply cold with the mud at just the right state of plasticity. Carnethies leapt for joy at the prospect of the race, a short 3.4 mile series of loops around the grounds of Paxton House and along the Tweed. Andy Fallas took 2nd place. Helen took a random number. Reminder: don't lose your number. Provisional results here

3rd November 2013

A great start to the new season of Borders XC with some familiar faces that haven't been seen for a while; some of them sporting a strange moustache. After yesterday's miserable experience (Dumyat Dash in freezing rain) the very cold wind was quite overruled by the lovely sunshine. For the first time the entire Gilmore family competed together, Harry gallantly allowing Vicki to beat him over the line and the lads coming in 8th and 10th. Andy Fallas & Michael Reid were 3rd and 4th, Stewart 13th and 1st M50. My campaign for 3rd M60 this series was not helped by the wholly unwarranted attendance of 3 other, faster M60s. Bill ran well; included in the M60s this series he was a creditable 7th in the category.
Nice course, nice mud, nice streams to fail to leap over, and how satisfying it is to steam past road runners who aren't any good at descending! And equally satisfying to overtake them on the one (short) steep muddy ascent. The soup was good too! Provisional results.


17th November 2013
Michael Reid wins at Gala

Quite a short race at 3.62 miles. Quite glad it was so short as Willie's Tussocky Trot the day before was long and taxing. Good to see Bob Johnson out for his first XC, Gordon for his first race in this series, and lots of other faces. Helen Bonsor cycled out from Edinburgh to support. The start leads into a turn through the golden leafed woods, then out and around some fields returning through the woods, a steep little ascent and a stream crossing. A bit of everthing and featuring new this year - a very large pile, in fact a small mountain of manure which was sadly ruled out of bounds with race tape, though we got to negotiate the foothills. Ladies' captain Helen W has a unique talent for falling over into 'deposits' but somehow failed to avail herself of this magnificent opportunity. The long dog leg around the wall unusually allows runners views of the front and rear of the field. You might spot Bill Gauld in one photo. Andy Lennie's moustache (leading Andy by some distance) just out of view in the other. Jessie Dahl was slightly misled by my forgetful assessment of the distance and paced herself for a longer race of 4.5 miles. Sorry about that!
Great race. Next one Peebles! Results - Michael Reid was 1st, Andy Fallas 4th, Stewart Whitlie 1st M50, Jessie Dahl 2nd FS, myself 2nd M60+ and Bill 5th M60+. 16 Carnethies ran.

1st December 2013
Peebles win for Michael Reid

Remarkably nice weather, almost warm, in contrast to the last two years with snow & ice. Fairly dry too so the going was good on one of the nicest courses on the Borders XC calendar. Michael Reid was 1st, Stewart Whitlie 1st M50, Hilary Spenceley 3rd F50. The results are here (...3rd V60 huh...).
That's it for this year! Next one 12th Jan at Paxton House. Oh and by the way - it's official - Andy's moustache stays!




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