Ochils Journey Run

Sunday 25th November 2007

Nigel Rose

Ten runners took part in the journey run in the eastern Ochils on Sunday. We were a bit taken aback to see snow by the roadside as we drove past Yetts o' Muckhart but knowing who was organising the run this should not have been a surprise. The run started over the fine example of a thin-arch dam at the end of Castlehill Reservoir then climbed up to an equally fine example of a hill fort at the top of the first hill where we encountered some trekkers. As we were later scrambling over a barbed wire fence at the foot of the hill, a lone runner appeared on the hillside above us, running at right angles to our route. It later turned out to be Shane who met us on the next hill, pretending that he always meant to go that way anyway.
We continued on high moorland past the forest on White Creich Hill and on to Sim's Hill. Ozzy reckoned that we were collecting lesser hill tops so he went on to the summit of John's Hill while the rest of us swung south east over Lamb hill and down to the road. Shortly after we climbed up the next hill, away from the road, we stopped for lunch by a very convenient pile of square-carved stones. The only thing missing was the lace tablecloth! After lunch we continued by a good grassy track to the top of Mellock Hill. It was a superb viewpoint for all the hills and lochs around. Beyond that, we traversed several lesser tops as we headed south towards the dramatic ravine of the South Queich burn. The tricky part was to find a safe way fown without falling over the crags into the burn.
I have to confess that, sadistically, I hadn't told anyone about the next bit. The burn was too wide to jump over so most people opted for a chilly wade through deep glacial water. There then followed a brutally steep 130 meter climb up out the other side of the ravine to the top of Thornton Hill. It was also covered in patches of snow. As we rested at the top, Alan made a joke which was too disgusting to repeat to my gentle readers. It was easily voted the worst joke of the day. We continued by the edge of the forest to the top of Lendrick Hill then found the firebreak which heads back down towards the road. There was a good path down the firebreak but it was very steep and covered with snow which made the descent a little exciting. After that, we returned by quiet paths and byways to the end of the run beside the reservoir. A good day was had by all.

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