Junior/Senior Fun Relay

January 6th 2008

A cold windy but sunny morning saw 18 Runners turning up for the annual fun event.
The adult numbers were less than hoped for but luckily the old juniors/young adults stepped up a class to do the medium leg. Well done to Trevor Wilkinson, Scott Cameron and Yuchi Curry!
This left 6 juniors doing the short leg on their own, Sian James was the yougest (age 6), thanks to Hannah Ledlie for pointing her the right way half way round.
Owen Wilkinson was first Junior back in 19:04, closely followed by Ieuan James in 19:22.
Colin Pritchard was the first medium leg home in 31:32, with Trevor Wilkinson as the first young adult in 35:53 in second.
Mick James was fastest long leg in 32:19 with Gordon Cameron second in 33:14.

position Team Name Junior Time Med Time Long Time total
1 Ieuan Express Ieuan James 23:22 Colin Pritchard 31:32 Colin Ledlie 37:11 88:05
2 Insert Name Here Owen Wilkinson 19:04 Francis Wilkinson 37:18 Mick James 32:19 88:41
3 Jiggle Puff Jacob Wilkinson 23:27 Yuchi Curry 35:47 Gordon Cameron 33:14 91:28
4 Max Speed Max Ledlie 20:41 Kate James 37:30 Michael Wilkinson 40:21 98:32
5 Gingerbread Sian James 26:30 Trevor
35:53 Bob Waterhouse 37:00 99:23
6 The Fast Show Hannah Ledlie 26:01 Scott Cameron 37:02 Alan Hogg 41:21 104:24

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