Club Mull Weekend

February 8th to 10th 2008

Organised by Willie Gibson

A long dark road over to Oban on a Friday afternoon, CalMac ferry across to the Island, and by late evening the crew had assembled at John Coyle's place at Salen. Dark and wet, Willie led the dictat to the troops - be there at 09:30 or else.
First thing next morning the yard was filled with runners, kids, grannies, dogs, rucsacs, maps - the Goaties were ready! Quick trip across the island to park and it was up, up and up to the top of the Ben More (for the purists, that's Mór mis-spelled). Young lads before the summit were less than enthralled in thick cloud, 60+ mph winds, and hard inclines, so John accompanied them safely down while the rest ascended. At the top Willie G had an idea to put up the bivvy tent for a lunchbreak, but once the dogs had rushed in there was not much room for runners. The wind was tearing, there's a nice precipice on the south, best to move downhill and forget the long route. Run down was delightful, sprinting snowfields and screes. Willie running fast in the wrong shoes hit the mud a few times, but even as others watched him plummet it was smuck in the muck for us too. And we had to rescue some sheep from Cody's amorous attentions.

mull_2008_001.jpg mull_2008_003.jpg mull_2008_002.jpg mull_2008_006.jpg mull_2008_004.jpg mull_2008_005.jpg
mull_2008_007.jpg mull_2008_008.jpg mull_2008_009.jpg mull_2008_010.jpg mull_2008_011.jpg mull_2008_012.jpg

Back towards the road Serena and the wee Coyle appeared and the wind dropped. While some returned to Salen, others went for the run home option, encountering a nearly-impassible river for some impromptu aquatic fun.
Saturday night, imagine a sea-front in Naples or Nice - there's this little place in Salen called the Mediterranea (might be cheaper in Naples tho..) Good food, good wine, thrumming, humming, carnethying, and we're back in bed imagining having to get up in the morning-ing.

mull_2008_013.jpg mull_2008_014.jpg mull_2008_015.jpg mull_2008_016.jpg mull_2008_023.jpg mull_2008_018.jpg

Sunday, dark glasses on, we all did our heather, hills, and hoo-ee my head. Willie, John Coyle, Steven and Alan went for a fast run, others chilled out, headed of on bikes, or tried the long run to the fossil tree, with some splendid views across the sound. All somehow managed to re-group back on the dock at Craignure in time for the ferry.

mull_2008_019.jpg mull_2008_020.jpg mull_2008_021.jpg mull_2008_022.jpg mull_2008_017.jpg mull_2008_029.jpg
mull_2008_025.jpg mull_2008_026.jpg mull_2008_027.jpg mull_2008_024.jpg mull_2008_028.jpg  

On the boat spirits were quiet, Cali was snoozing. Most stopped off at Tyndrum down on the right past the Welly for some ultra-saturated chips and fish, before the final drive to Lothian where freezing fog was rolling in off the coast. Makes you want to turn the car around and head back to Mull.
Gordon and his crew stayed on over the Sunday night, to be greeted on Monday morning with the most glorious sunshine. Outstanding weekend, thanks to Willie.

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