'Lawrence of Arabia enters the cauldron'
The leaders

Sun, Slioch and Sandwiches

Richard Bush
Alec Keith and Loch Maree below
On Saturday 31st May at 12:00 noon four Carnethy runners (Joanne Anderson, Steven Fallon, Simon Peachey and Richard Bush) were amongst those lining up beside Incheril car park for the start of the new Slioch Horseshoe race. The estimated length of the race never varied from the stated 13 miles but the estimates for the amount ascent and descent varied from 1000m to 5000ft (excuse my mixing of units), depending on which source of information you read.
Chris Upson leading Lawrence of Arabia into the corrie
The morning started off grey with low cloud, which suited the midges perfectly; even those who’d spent Friday night inside Torridon’s Youth Hostel had not avoided their attention. However, by mid morning the sky was blue and the sun shone down. We could have been at Italy’s Lake Garda rather than on the shores of Loch Maree. The race route followed the Munro baggers route to the top of Slioch, round the ridge to the summit of Sgurr an Tuill Bhain then descended via the waterfalls back to the path used for the inward part of the route. Route finding was straight forward enough though Ian and Anne Nimmo, who were marshalling on the descent, commented on the variety of routes chosen by runners on their way down.
Simon had a great win
The race was won by Carnethy’s Simon Peachey in a little over 2 hours. Simon closed a 2 minute gap to catch and pass Brian Marshall in the last 5km. Some reported Brian had “blown up”, others that he’d hurt his ankle. Either way Simon was deservedly delighted with his win and put it down to having a well primed immune system due to midge bites earlier in the day. There was more support out on the course and less space in the car park than expected, as a walker was completing his round of Munros by bagging Slioch. Not only was he up the mountain, but so were 45 or 30 or 50 or 60 (depending on your source of information) of his friends. One group shouted words of encouragement to me “go on, you’re doing quite well”.
Race organiser, Ross Bannerman, had done great job of making sure everything was in place, which included, with the help of his wife, Mother and others, a magnificent spread of sandwiches and cakes at the finish. With the sun shining throughout the afternoon, virtually everyone stayed to enjoy the chat, eat the food and clap in each and every runner.
Eilidh Wardlaw was 1st lady

Roxy Bannerman

Alec Keith
Michael Diver
Cosmic waterfall!
Joanne Anderson

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