The 36th "Tiso" Carnethy '5'
11th February 2006

It wasn't a good day for photographs (or marshals) - but here is the best of the bunch. Despite the weather the number of runners and times were impressive. Tough conditions are expected in any hill race in Scotland in February - it's just strange that there are so many people who want to run!

The course was marked in beautiful weather - the day before the race. It was inevitable it wouldn't last

Race day: Cloud on the summits and molehills near the start

460 runners approach Charlie's Loup

Cameron Watson (Pitreavie) and Joe Symonds (Kendal) are first to the gate

Don Naylor (HBT) holds the fastest time in a kilt!

Chris Upson (Westerlands) leads a group up Scald Law

The race organiser, Andy Spenceley, is one of 56 Carnethies running. There were more helping on the hill too.

It was a case of wearing everything for most people

The route up Scald Law steers the runners away from the worn path - to prevent erosion

Kate Jenkins, 4th overall, helped Carnethy ladies win the team prize

Hilary Spenceley says she likes climbing more than descending - even through deep heather?

John Coyle (in his old vest) leads Damon Rodwell (Carnethy 5 "poster boy") up Scald Law

Next year's Carnethy 5 organiser, Olly Stephenson, concentrates going up Scald Law

Rob Jebb (Bingley) running strongly up the final climb from the Howe

Joe Symonds trying hard to catch Rob (who is only 50 'uphill' metres in front)

Matt Whitfield (Bingley) is just ahead of last year's winner, Murray Strain (EUHH) but will get caught...

Es Tresidder ran well to finish first Carnethy, beating Stewart Whitlie by 15 seconds

Cameron Watson leads a group up from the Howe

It must be cold if the front runners have hats and gloves on!

Here, catch my beanie! Angela Mudge on her way to a 9th win.

Olly runs up (-for the camera)

Jill Mykura finished in under the hour (just) - impressive considering the strong winds on the tops

Angela running up Carnethy

Rob Jebb out on his own above Loganlea Reservoir

Lucy Colquhoun was part of a very strong ladies field

Carnethy President, Robin Haynes, and Rod Dalitz (20) at the bottom of the run down from West Kip

Kathy Jarvis - still smiling at the Howe

Looks like they're lost in their own worlds on the stiff pull up Carnethy

The new red vests with yellow clansmen were clearly visible

Ian Jackson enjoying the race

Jumping the burn on the run along to the Howe

Is Nick trying to slip past incognito?

The run down Carnethy with the finishing field in sight

The sheep on this side of Carnethy are oblivious to runners on the skyline

No hair gel needed..

...and a free facial too!

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