The Scottish Islands Peaks Race had been stopped the day before, on Mull, due to the severe weather conditions, but the scottishathletics Championships up Goatfell were still on. The mountain rescue team gave the go-ahead for the race to go to the top......

The sun was shining as the race started

The rocky path to the top is great for running up (but requires 100% concentration coming down!)

Just before the final big climb and Jethro is well clear of Alasdair Anthony and Grant Stewart

Grant Stewart and Murray Strain

The next squall comes in

Mark managed to keep ahead of Elke Schmidt, first lady

The wind and rain were blowing the runners up - but it was straight into them on the way down

The mountain rescue at the deer fence

Simon's feet never seemed to touch the ground

Similar colour schemes climb together

Gordon Cameron - without any marshalling duties

The rivers were pretty full

Jethro has just picked himself up after falling at the corner

Simon disappears down to the shelter of the lower slopes

Murray Strain chasing Stewart (and Simon just ahead) - Murray will pass them soon

An Ilkley competitor

Grant Stewart has Brodick in his sights

Chris Upson has a quick look at the view

The path through the woods (the end of the rocks but the start of the mud!)

A group battle it out on the descent

That's rain on the lens

Adam Anderson runs past as Bruce Smith stops to tie his shoelace. Bruce will catch up and pass him later!

Bellahouston RR had a lot of runners

The long and winding path....

Willie Mykura had to leave Jill in Oban (stuck on her boat)

It's a fast run down

Bruce Smith helped Carnethy to the team prize

Washing the mud off - before the next muddy section!

Mark being chased down by John Stevenson (Ochils)

Dougie Milligan was first v60

Simon still has his feet off the ground!

Dougie Shiell likes his old vest

The ferry waits at Brodick - but the runners will have to catch the next one!

Inevitably, the weather turned better as soon as the race was over. But then if you haven't experienced the exposed tops you can't really appreciate the sheltered woods!


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