Jura - The last Pap and Corra Bheinn and everyone's left for Arran

Craighouse, Jura - The fleet is in. The runners are on the hill

Scottish Islands Peak Race, 2006
Photo Report

Jura has the roughest running.Most boats manage to land their runners for daylight sorties.
First boat arrived at 8.30am on Saturday. Last one away was midday on Sunday - their runners camped out overnight (easier to sleep on land?).
Snaps from 'up-the-road' and 'on-the-hill'...

Youth teams have 3 miles of road before heading off to the hills

Follow me - I'm right behind you.

Trying to keep feet dry (early on!)

A brief stop before the climbing starts

Willie Gibson and Alan Hogg finish their run in the sunshine

John Donnelly of Westerlands..

...and running partner Catriona Miller

That's Willie and Alan!

Nice brown legs - below the knee!

The run down to the road from the last Pap

Willie and Alan being chased by a group

3rd fastest on Jura, Former KIMM Elite winner Steve Birkinshaw leads John Deegan down to the road

Andrew Davies leads Nicola Davies off the hill

Author Alastair Scott comes off the last Pap

The faster boats' runners had worse weather on the hill.

Claire Gordon looks back to the last Pap (just visible on the left)

A lone yacht sails down to Craighouse

Willie Gibson grins for the camera. Corra Bheinn on the right is the second checkpoint on the youths' route

Claire's smile says it all!

None the worse for spending a second night on the hill

Paul Fettes and Paul Currant get encouragement from Andy before the 3 miles on the road, back to Craighouse

Two of the Paps from Corra Bheinn - on Sunday

Sunday - collecting the markers in - and the weather is perfect
... and from Craighouse

The first boat is spotted and there are 14 more not too far behind

Now - where's our boat?

Mike Robinson and Chris Upson set off for the Paps

Hoi - we're back!

The Symonds brothers were second fastest on Jura

Damon Rodwell and Crispin Flower

The first runners are off

Playing FT$E land at Craighouse

The Davies's come ashore. They were fastest on Jura despite running through the worst weather!

A sailor chums his runners the last few metres

Adrian Davis and Es Tresidder

Hilary takes advantage of the first bit of sun as she times the runners back.

The first view we had of the Paps - Saturday evening

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